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CPaaS Has Evolved!

Now with flexible configuration options that eliminate all your onboarding, messaging, reporting, and management challenges. Reduction in complexity and operational load will speed up your time to market and scaling efforts.

Benefits of the NEW API Stack

Speed up onboarding & automatize cost tracking

A new entity API allows you to assign each customer with a unique entity ID. This means that each of your clients can be simply assigned their own resources, enabling quick granular configuration and reporting at the customer level – leading to reduced manual work and costs.

Simplified account structure

By being able to manage each client account individually, each entity and channel only needs to be assigned the resources they require – resulting in less wastage and greater efficiency.

Automatic number provisioning

You can now save time and effort by automatically purchasing 10DLC numbers via the API. Brands, campaigns, and regular DID numbers can also be registered automatically via the API, significantly speeding up the deployment process.

Support for multiple environments

Create multiple environments, each with its own configuration, that can be used for production, testing, or any other purpose or use case. With Application API it is simple and fast to update configuration and switch between environments when it comes to sending.

Automatically applying sending strategy

A sending strategy enables easy and consistent set up of how your client’s senders will execute traffic. Pick a randomization option to distribute traffic across senders dedicated to that client, or with advanced options set a sticky sender or always use a sender with same area code.

Receive only the data you need

Set up the webhooks and authentication on your own and subscribe to notifications of your own choosing, for any channel or use-case. This level of autonomy and flexibility will allow you to create better reports, faster.

About BETA

Our Beta program provides early access to new features for a select list of customers. You will have the opportunity to share feedback directly with our team, giving you direct influence on the product roadmap and feature prioritization.

How it works?


Represents your system environment, within the Infobip platform. Create as many applications with different configurations as you need, for different use cases or environments.


Represents your client, within the Infobip platform. Autonomously create entities, assign them resources, and receive granular reports.


A resource used for messaging or voice, such as number or domain. Tie resources to entities and applications, and you can stop keeping track of which customer uses which resource.


Represents a logic that would be applied to pick the resource for sending traffic based on individual customer’s setup


Granular performance and consumption reports that are manageable over API. Get custom notifications and reports for each entity or application over webhook.

What can you do?


  • Onboarding

    When onboarding a client, you can easily create an entity for them and automatically set the required configuration.

  • Automatic provisioning

    Faster and simpler provisioning with the option to purchase 10DLC numbers and register both brands and campaigns via the API.

  • Resource management

    With numbers being assigned to entities, there is no longer a need to manage resourcing logic manually

  • Automatically applying sending strategy

    Implement a sending strategy to determine how clients’ senders will execute traffic. A randomization option will distribute traffic across senders dedicated to that client, or with advanced options set a sticky sender or one with the same area code as the recipient.

  • Reporting

    All the tools required to efficiently manage operational load by easily identifying how many resources each entity has consumed, with the option to subscribe to notifications when specified real-time events are triggered.

  • Notifications

    Set up notifications when specified real-time events are triggered. Select from a list of events which, when they occur, will trigger real-time notifications to the client’s webhook.

If you want to take advantage of these advanced capabilities, please contact your account manager.