Biolab: Increased number of patients and reduced costs with WhatsApp Business Platform


increase in number of patients


reduction in operation costs


Staying connected with customers during challenging times

To enhance its overall CX, Biolab chose to optimize its customer engagement channels.

The company faced various challenges as a result of the pandemic, including:

  • Overload on existing call center: During peak hours, call centers were working beyond full capacity, which resulted in extended lag time for customers.
  • Rapid expansion of customer base: Biolab is responsible for PCR testing on Multiple entry points into Jordan in addition to its existing labs, drive thru facilities, and house call service, which resulted in an exponential influx of testers.
  • Lack of company application appeal: Patients were hesitant to download Biolab’s application, preferring other channels as a means to provide and receive information.

The transformation would further help to:

  • Optimize the customer journey
  • Automize communications through user-friendly processes
  • Provide round the clock support


Connecting with customers on their favorite communication channels

To accommodate an ever-expanding client base requesting house call services, updates from the Jordanian Ministry of Health on the latest processes and procedures, and instant notifications for results, Biolab chose Infobip as its WhatsApp Business solution provider.

Infobip’s platform integrated seamlessly with Biolab’s existing platform, establishing simple and clear communication flows to enhance the customer journey.

With Infobip, Biolab enabled its customers to:

  • Pre-register for the company’s COVID-19 screening centers, drive-through facilities, and house call services (enabling visitors to provide their personal information, location, and appointment selection)
  • Receive their latest lab results by providing their phone or transaction number
  • Use the online booking system for blood work

Adding WhatsApp to its communication mix meant Biolab could engage with customers on their favorite channel.


13.2% Increase in number of patients and 17% reduction in costs

Engaging with their clients across WhatsApp translated to a 13.2% increase in the number of patients with an average of 5,000 patients using the service daily.

What’s more, the introduction of the technology also helped reduce customer acquisition costs, due to the company’s ability to reach out to the client over their preferred channel.

With traffic redirected to WhatsApp, Biolab also witnessed a 17% reduction in call center operations costs.

Infobip helped us optimize our house call service, providing us with the unique ability to have the lab come to our patients through WhatsApp, whether existing or new homes. All services can now be provided directly to the patient.

Sanad AbdelNour

Visual and Digital Development Manager, Biolab

Biolab’s WhatsApp service in many ways is like a new branch for us, with clients conveniently and easily able to access information, book appointments, and follow up with the lab – all while circumventing the call center, at any time and from anywhere.

Hamza Majali

Digital Transformation Specialist, Biolab

Company Profile


Biolab is a group of medical diagnostic laboratories that offer a full range of laboratory services in Jordan. Recognized for innovation, quality, and convenience, Biolab delivers timely, accurate results for improved patient care. Biolab is the sole laboratory in the Kingdom that has received the American Joint Commission International “JCI” accreditation as an independent laboratory, along with the European ISO 15189 certificate. It is also certified by Jordan’s Ministry of Health and adopted by all local banks and insurance companies.