Citrus: Using Push Notifications to increase store traffic and sales


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Bridge the offline and online shopping experience

Citrus, a well-known Ukrainian electronics retailer, is focused on developing strong customer relationships and rewarding loyal customers. Besides 51 physical stores and a robust eCommerce web site, customers can also shop using the Citrus mobile app.Citrus regularly and successfully engages with their customers using mobile app (or push) messages to promote new products and announce items on sale. With over 500,000 active customers on their mobile app, Citrus realized the potential of this direct and real-time communication channel.

Citrus wanted to bridge the worlds of online and offline retail by attracting customers into their stores in order to build better customer relationships and increase footfall in-store.


A geo-targeted campaign using targeted in-app notifications

In honor of their 18th anniversary, Citrus wanted to hold a special promotion in 10 of their stores in Kyiv. They used the milestone to invite their loyal customers to celebrate with them and take advantage of special discounts available only in-store.

By using the geo-fencing feature within Infobip’s Mobile App Messaging solution, Citrus was able to send location-based push notifications precisely targeting certain customers. To generate interest and awareness, Citrus sent invitations to 2,600 customers in Kyiv announcing their anniversary campaign. On the day of the event, they implemented a campaign targeting only those customers who were near a store, inviting them to join the celebration and receive a 30% discount.

Using Infobip’s web interface, the Citrus marketing team created a campaign starting with the announcement of the anniversary celebration to relevant customers.

One week later, they created a geo-fencing campaign targeting users within 200 meters (219 yards) of 10 stores in Kyiv with only a few clicks using Infobip’s Flow.

How was it done?

  • Geographic area: The team were able to define a geographic radius around their stores in Kyiv. When ­­a Citrus mobile app customer entered the defined area, they automatically received an invitation to attend the event. For messaging efficiency, Citrus selected the option for single-entry targeting, meaning that if customers entered the defined campaign area several times throughout the day, they would be notified only once.
  • Duration of campaign:  Message deliveries were scheduled to correspond with the time of the event.
  • Message design: Rich media was for more impactful messaging.
  • Campaign scheduling and automation: All the requirements for the campaign in advance, so they could focus on other aspects of the overall campaign and event.


35% conversion rate in-store and increased footfall

Citrus had 76,000 mobile app users with the geo-location option enabled.*

During this promotion:

  • 2,600 app users entered the defined geo-location and received a push notification with the invitation to join the event along with a 30% discount
2,600 entered Citrus' defined geo-location
  • 976 opened the message to receive the discount
975 customers opened the message to receive the discount
  • 924 mobile app users made a purchase in-store using the discount offer, resulting in a conversion rate of 35.5%
924 mobile app users made a purchase in-store

As in their regular communications with mobile app users, Citrus tailored a simple, personalized message showing clear value for customers. This approach along with the features and simple implementation of Infobip’s communication platform increased in-store traffic and resulted in a significant boost in sales. *The main prerequisite for a user to receive push or mobile app notifications is a data connection, and in order to receive geo-targeted push notifications app users must also have geo-location enabled.

We spend a lot of time on our mobile phones. Push or Mobile App Messaging, in our opinion, is ideally suited to sending important information or a time-limited offer to a customer. This channel is an efficient and cost-effective way to increase sales. We were very happy to have a solution provider that understood our revenue goals and our commitment to creating high-quality content that is valuable to our customers. Working with Infobip helped us bridge the gap between in-store and online shopping, and we look forward to working on more innovative campaigns in the future.

Sergey Kolchik

Head of Analytics and Data Monetization

Company Profile


Citrus is the largest electronics retailer in Ukraine specializing in computer equipment, gadgets and accessories. With 19 years in a competitive industry, they’ve grown to 51 stores in 13 cities with a robust online presence. Customers can also shop anytime, anywhere via an innovative mobile app.