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Croatian Postal Bank: Integrating Automated Messaging

Croatian Postal Bank: Integrating Automated Messaging


Powering enterprise-level communication with automated messaging

As a true bank of the future, Croatian Postal Bank (HPB) encourages transparency and innovation in business, and nurtures a culture of market competition which breeds new, top-quality services. HPB is dedicated to developing appropriate communication channels for different client segments and the needs of users of modern banking services.

This approach includes instant access to banking services at all times and requires accelerated development of online and mobile banking. Building a modern communication platform which would entirely adapt banking to the needs of the new breed of clients was one of the priorities for HPB.


mGate – Enterprise Messaging integration

mGate has significantly improved client communication and has given HPB full control over their SMS messaging. Thanks to the features of mGate, HPB got a means to control sending and message delivery with reliable delivery reports and the possibility to respond to its users’ questions in case the SMS message had not reached them.

With mGate, HPB uses SMS to send its customers:

  • Account balance notifications
  • Notifications on reserved account amount
  • Information on allowed overdraft amount
  • Links for m-banking and/or m-token apps download

Through mGate, HPB got not only has a solution that entirely satisfies the needs of customer communication, but also an added value through comprehensive statistics and highlytrained technical support, with dedicated engineers and account managers available 24/7.


An innovative client-oriented service portfolio

After four years of a successful partnership, HPB and Infobip continue to work on new projects that aim to further improve telecommunications and online solutions of HPB. Over time, mGate has been upgraded and improved with new functionalities, and all new features were available to HPB virtually instantly, ensuring that HPB always had the latest software version.

This includes expanding professional SMS services to other areas where it might be useful. Infobip also has advanced solutions for smartphone apps and continues to develop new technologies and services. This way, Infobip is capable of continuously following HPB in all its efforts to improve digital, mobile and online services, and continue the successful cooperation.

Darijo Nujic
Head of Department of Direct Banking Support

In our partnership with Infobip, in addition to reliable and cost-effective SMS solutions, what we value the most is the level at which Infobip is capable to follow not only our current needs, but also introduce new services and features that meet our new needs as our business continuously grows. With top-notch technical and customer care support, Infobip continues to prove itself as a high-tech firm that follows the trends and technologies and successfully upgrades its services.

Company Profile

Croatian Postal Bank

Croatian Postal Bank was founded in October 1991 as a general banking provider in Croatia and abroad. It was founded and majority-owned by HPT, Croatia’s then-post and telecoms provider, and in 2001 the Republic of Croatia became the majority owner of the bank. Today, HPB is the largest domestically-owned bank and one of two state-owned banks. The bank’s assets exceeded HRK 19 billion (€2.5 billion) as of 30 June 2014, placing it seventh in the country in terms of total assets.