DPD: Transforming the delivery experience with Viber and SMS


cost savings


Low message delivery rates led to unsatisfied customers and overwhelmed agents

DPD is known for its fast and convenient parcel pick-up and delivery options all over Europe. With their innovative pick-up points, DPD wanted to be even more successful at the first delivery attempt to meet their customers’ growing expectations with timely notifications by using multiple communication channels.

Before Infobip, DPD sent SMS messages to notify customers about package deliveries – some of which never actually reached them. In many cases, DPD didn’t have accurate delivery information, such as a customer’s address or phone number, and spent a lot of time and resources on contacting them to receive updated information.

This resulted in misdeliveries or no delivery at all, since customers who didn’t receive notifications weren’t at the location at the right time to accept their package.

Undelivered packages meant increased costs for DPD and an overwhelmed contact center filled with queries from unsatisfied customers wondering where their packages were.

DPD knew that the only way to meet customer demand, improve satisfaction, and minimize costs was to improve its overall communication with customers – by providing support over their preferred channels.


Introducing Viber as a new notification channel with SMS failover

Infobip partners with various consulting and technology providers as a part of the Partner Connect Program to help boost digital transformation for companies. In this case, we partnered with Croatian Telecom who brought DPD’s challenges to light – and together, we proposed our Viber solution.

DPD decided to implement Viber with SMS failover for their two CEE markets – Slovenia and Croatia – by connecting Infobip’s API to its internal interface.

Using Viber as a customer communication channel has many benefits, including the ability to share rich media and hold branded profiles, access message delivered and seen statuses, and reduce cost per message. In addition, using SMS as a failover channel ensures that DPD customers receive their notifications with or without internet access.

DPD was also able to optimize resources based on analytics provided through Infobip’s web interface – insight the company didn’t have before. Now, DPD can see status reports for each message which helps the delivery company take appropriate action when necessary – such as contacting a customer to update their number if they notice messages aren’t being delivered.


Cost savings, more successful deliveries, and higher customer satisfaction

reduced costs by 20%

Since introducing Viber with SMS failover, DPD managed to reduce costs by 20%.

Additionally, DPD’s customer satisfaction increased greatly while, simultaneously, contact center workload decreased due to the significantly lower amount of misdeliveries and complaints – a result of customers receiving their notifications on time.

Thanks to the Viber with SMS failover solution from Infobip in partnership with Croatian Telecom, DPD can provide customers with the right information at the right time – creating a smooth delivery experience for both customers and agents.

In today’s delivery environment, we need to have a reliable communication partner. An increase in customer satisfaction and a 20% reduction in costs are some of the results we achieved using the Viber with SMS failover solution from Infobip in partnership with Croatian Telecom. We look forward to expanding our communication channels portfolio with Infobip in the future.

Tomislav Lažeta

Sales Director, DPD

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As a leading provider of standard and express parcel services, DPD operates 24/7 on behalf of thousands of satisfied customers. DPD in Croatia is part of the international DPD Group and is an expert in the domestic market. DPD combines innovative technology and local knowledge to provide a flexible and user-friendly service for both shippers and shoppers. With its pioneering Predict service, DPD is setting new standards for convenience by keeping customers closely in touch with their delivery. With 77,000 delivery experts and a network of more than 46,000 pickup points, DPD Group delivers 5.3 million parcels each day, and approximately 1.3 billion parcels per year, through their brands DPD, Chronopost, SEUR, and BRT.