ELARABY Group: Enhanced customer experiences through Conversations and Answers


Venturing into new markets requires enhanced customer experience

As a leading home appliances and electronics manufacturer in Egypt, ELARABY Group has experienced exponential growth by exporting to over 60 countries across the globe. The company currently boasts 3,000 sales partners and more than 25 branded stores locally; backed by more than 600 after-sales service centers. With its growing customer and partner base came the need to improve customer experience and engagement.

ELARABY Group was keen to identify the right channel to best handle their customer experience requirements on a large scale. They quickly identified that their communication with clients needed to be fast, reliable, and satisfactory to the growing expectations of those they served.

To address these challenges, and as part of their ongoing mission to engage in digital transformation and CX, ELARABY Group sought a quick-to-market solutions partner.


Conversations and Answers for omnichannel communication

ELARABY Group selected Infobip as their WhatsApp Business Platform solution provider, and established their first chatbot to assist customers with common queries including billing, purchase processing, order status and delivery notifications. communication queue for their sales channel. Subsequently, and with the establishment of a simple workflow model, they added Conversations, a digital first cloud contact center a long with our chatbot building platform, Answers.


Increased customer satisfaction at a rapid pace

Launching three chat queues dedicated to various customer needs including sales, direct complaints/maintenance, and VIP complaints helped increase customer satisfaction. The combination of Conversations and Answers spurred a better, more compelling way for ELARABY Group to engage with customers. Additionally, as reported by users, all complaints were addressed in a more efficient and clear manner.

ELARABY Group’s monthly active users increased from 116 (in the first month) to more than 13,013 per month, according December’s monthly active users in 2021.

ELARABY always seeks to gain superior confidence from customers by providing the best level of service and by working on continuous development to improve the level of service and increase customer satisfaction. From this standpoint, we strived to facilitate the process of communicating with our customers by adding a new communication channel, which is WhatsApp Business, which helped make the process of customer communication with the company easier and more flexible, enabling customers to get the support that they need.

Dr. Manal Negmeldin

Head of Direct Sales

We have reached an unprecedented level of customer stratification, which is one of ELARABY Group’s main objectives, through utilizing Conversations and Answers. The ease and flexibility of the communication process means that our clients can receive the support they need on their preferred channel of communication.

Mr. Sayed Saied

Online CRM Manager