FWD Insurance Berhad: 40% lower costs for e-policy delivery with WhatsApp Business Platform


lower costs


Expensive and slow policy delivery

FWD Insurance Berhad was concerned that too many customers were not receiving important and sensitive documents sent through the post.

In addition, the process of delivering policies via post was slow and expensive. There is also the regulatory requirement that the insurer must take reasonable steps to ensure that the life policy is delivered to the policy owner.

FWD Insurance Berhad was also looking to optimize their contact center in a way that would allow them to engage customers using modern digital channels.


WhatsApp Business Platform and chatbots over Infobip’s platform

Enter WhatsApp Business Platform, the solution to one of FWD Insurance Berhad’s digital transformation challenges. The popular chat app made delivering e-policies fast and convenient. In addition, it facilitated the creation of their automated chatbot, FIBY, to provide clients with information, like e-forms, branch locations, panel hospitals etc.

WhatsApp gives FWD Insurance Berhad real-time delivery status tracking for delivering e-policies using the Infobip web interface. This allows the insurer to take action on any undelivered e-policy, which improves customer experience and addresses the receipt of policy contracts by the intended recipients.


40% lower policy delivery costs, faster delivery, contact center optimization, higher CSAT

Using WhatsApp helped FWD Insurance Berhad reduce costs associated with delivering policy contracts by 40% – while also making the entire process faster and more secure.

WhatsApp Business API reduces costs by 40% for policy renewals
fast and secure

FIBY, the automated chatbot, optimized contact center performance, resulting in fewer inbound contact center engagements. With FIBY handling simple customer service enquiries, first-contact resolution improved, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

In January 2020, FWD Insurance Berhad won the award for Digital Insurer of the Year for Malaysia by the regional insurance publication InsuranceAsia news. This was in part thanks to innovating the delivery of e-policies using WhatsApp, as well as for introducing FIBY.

Leveraging WhatsApp has enabled us to scale up our customer engagement and experience by making e-policy delivery faster and more secure, while also reducing costs. FIBY helped optimize our contact center, freeing up agents to help clients with more complex enquiries. Our clients like this because they receive instant quality support, and our agents like this because they are given the time to focus on growing their business. Infobip was an excellent partner who helped us quickly achieve digital transformation goals, and continue to support us in our digital journey.

Chua Kim Soon


Company Profile

FWD Insurance Berhad

FWD Insurance Berhad is one of Malaysia’s fastest-growing life insurance companies. For over 60 years, they’ve been providing relevant and affordable protection solutions that are accessible to Malaysians from all walks of life. FWD Insurance Berhad is also the first insurance company in Malaysia to use WhatsApp for sending e-policies.