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GTBank: Stimulating E-banking via Email Communications & Analytics and Achieved an ROI of over 220%

GTBank: Stimulating E-banking via Email Communications & Analytics and Achieved an ROI of over 220%


Making customers’ lives easier and encouraging them to adopt digital channels

GTBank’s customers were used to coming to the branch for all their queries and needs. In order to reduce waiting times, reduce queues and optimise in-branch resources, GTBank wanted to encourage usage of digital banking channels for most day-to-day account activities. With a variety of innovative products service offerings already on the market, including a fully-fledged digital banking offering, GTBank was confident that its customer base would appreciate the convenience of its innovative services, but encouraging them to break old habits and try the services was a challenge.

GTBank needed a comprehensive email marketing platform that would not only communicate with customers but also help them understand how customers were behaving after receiving these communications.


Infobip’s email solution, built in with a wide range of communications features and extensive analytical functionalities

GTBank already had an email communication solution, but soon realized that they required a more advanced feature set that would help them better understand customer behavior. They decided to reach out to Infobip for a solution to this challenge and to help them achieve their goals and improve branch performance.

Infobip’s powerful email communications solution allowed GTBank to create rich, personalized emails that captured their customers’ attention, while managing a simple, easy-to-use interface made it easy to create communications that were hard to ignore and drove key messages home. Implementation was smooth and seamless with Infobip’s trademark customer support.

GTBank systematically implemented a series of email campaigns to convert customers to preferred digital products. The platform’s advanced analytics capabilities allowed them to understand what worked and what didn’t so they were able to fine-tune and optimize their campaigns to improve results.

Campaigns included:

  • A customized email campaign to promote their Digital News Stand, a digital newspaper platform
  • A campaign to promote PayInstantly, a service to encourage customers to pay their bills with their mobile phones
  • A B2B email burst to promote FlashToPay among merchants, encouraging them to accept payments via phone call


Increased usage of digital banking services and a reduction in branch visits

GTBank found Infobip’s solution-based approach very effective in addressing their pain points.

  • The Digital News Stand succeeded in growing their customer base by 160%.
  • The PayInstantly campaign achieved an ROI of more than 200%.
  • The FlashToPay merchant campaign achieved a 20% conversion rate.
  • These campaigns also succeeded in reducing the overall customer branch visits, reducing waiting times and queues in banks, whilst simultaneously improving branch performance.

Encouraged by the tremendous success of the email campaign, GTBank now plans to take its marketing campaigns to the next level by introducing additional communications channels to increase their customer engagament. Delighted with this success, the bank is now looking to rollout Infobip’s other messaging solutions.

Femi Nwaosa
Head of Corporate Collection and Digital Sales-ePayment Solutions at GT Bank

Alongside very successful implementations of Infobip technologies which resulted in ROI values over 200%, I’m extremely satisfied with the promptness of Infobip support staff, who answered all my queries almost immediately.

Company profile


Founded in 1990, GTBank is the largest banking group in Nigeria and widely seen as an innovator in Africa, with its successful rollout of a number of innovative products. Currently operating a network of almost 300 branches, 17 Cash Centres, 18 e-branches, 41 GTExpress locations and more than 1165 ATMs in Nigeria, GTBank’s vision is to make banking more and more seamless, easy and user-friendly.