Juros Baixos: Increased marketing margin by 18% with Moments


increase in marketing margin


Siloed systems led to lack of automation and long wait times

As one of the leading online financial product marketplaces in Brazil, Juros Baixos was looking for an efficient way to create message flows and sequential campaigns that would guide customers through its multi-step loan approval process. Juros Baixos has over 30 financial product providers as a part of its platform, and each have specific processes which demand tailored messaging.

After trying a variety of CRM system providers, Juros Baixos still didn’t have one central platform that could connect all 30 messaging systems to the main marketplace system – and had minimum SMS automation capabilities. As a result, wait time for customers that were being transferred from one system to another often lasted up to 24 hours, and Juros Baixos didn’t have clear overall insight into the performance of its marketing efforts.

Juros Baixos wanted one central hub to connect all its messaging systems and help automate communication over both SMS and email to improve responsiveness. The financial product marketplace provider also wanted to access analytics and performance overviews from the same tool to track the impact marketing efforts have on overall revenue.


Centralizing different messaging systems and automating customer communication with Moments

Juros Baixos found out about Infobip’s omnichannel customer engagement solution, Moments, and decided to become one of the first companies to take part in the Beta phase, using it to:

  • lower loan request form abandonment 
  • simplify the onboarding process 
  • create event-based messages 
  • improve messaging responsiveness

Customers who fill out the loan request form through the Juros Baixos website trigger the main message flow and receive an SMS message with information about the loan approval process, as well as easy access to offers.

Once the customer chooses to continue with the hiring process of a specific financial product provider, Juros Baixos sends tailored messages through Moments which outline the customer’s next steps.

When the customer signs and returns the corresponding documents, they have successfully completed the loan approval and onboarding processes.


Increased marketing margin by 18%

Using Moments improved Juros Baixos’ responsiveness to customers and gave them more control over messaging flows. As a result, the company’s marketing margin increased by 18%.

In addition, having both communication channels connected to one central hub gives Juros Baixos in-depth insight into how specific marketplace users interact with the messages they receive – and the company has access to analytics to help make data-driven decisions.

Moments is an easy-to-use solution that helped us improve our responsiveness to customers and have tailored communication for every marketplace partner. Since we started using Moments, our marketing margin has increased by 18%. We are currently using email and SMS to communicate with our customers, however we plan on adding more channels to our communications mix soon.

Arthur Bonzi

Juros Baixos COO and Co-founder

Company Profile

Juros Baixos

Juros Baixos is a financial products marketplace with a large presence in the Brazilian online loan market. Their clients are adults from the middle to lower classes and mainly people who are looking to borrow money to invest in education, business, or to refinance debt. They partner with 30 financial institutions and fintechs to offer pre-approved loans to their clients.