KINZ: Secure and innovative data validation with a single omnichannel communication platform


reduction in operational cost


conversion rate


increase in agent efficiency


Manual and disjointed data validation and client authentication processes

Jordan’s leading subscription-based CRM platform for businesses, KINZ, is known for the most updated and accurate corporate data in the region. Leading businesses in the region trust KINZ in offering an unparalleled volume of error-free corporate data in a compliant way.

However, to achieve this goal, it was imperative for KINZ to undergo multi-stage accuracy and verification processes by their staff. This led to their staff having to manually divide contacts amongst each other, cold calling, updating contacts details on a spreadsheet and uploading it on to the CRM.

This resulted in:

  • A disjointed effort in unifying data
  • Staff being overburdened with the workload and thereby affecting productivity
  • Increased costs due to manual processes
  • Over reliance on phone calls

In addition to data collection, KINZ also needed to ensure that the information on their platform is secure and only being accessed by their business clients. Making client verification at the login stage a high priority.

KINZ needed a single communication platform that would help them automate their processes in an omnichannel way, collect, and unify data without any manual hindrances, and verify existing clients while still providing the best customer experience.


One omnichannel communication platform and automated customer journeys

With a complex challenge, the need for utmost security and compliance, and being able to handle two customer journeys – one for data collection, and the other to verify existing customers – a simple, over the shelf, plug and play option wasn’t enough for KINZ.

They needed a communication platform partner that could understand their challenges and customize the solution according to their business needs. Enter Infobip and our team of local CX consultants – to provide a single platforms solution that could orchestrate, authenticate, and engage with both KINZ’s customer types over their preferred channels along with collecting and unifying data.

On implementing Infobip’s communication platform, every time KINZ gets new business data, our customer data platform People CDP automatically collects and updates the existing database, flagging contacts that are new or need to be updated.

This automatically triggers our customer engagement solution Moments to initiate a phone call, where an automated IVR using our Voice solution asks a series of validation questions. They have also set WhatsApp Business Platform as an alternative channel, automated by Moments for a conversational experience. This was set up by our CX consultants to provide the best customer experience.

When needed, agents take over the chat with Conversations, our cloud contact center solution. This automation-human hybrid approach empowered agents to deal with more complex queries along with giving them a 360-degree view of the contacts profile and conversation history.

The most important element being that all these solutions worked synchronously in tandem with each other along with collecting, updating, and unifying all the data in real-time with People CDP. The platforms drag and drop web interface made it easy for KINZ’s team to orchestrate, set triggers and change the customer journey in real-time.

While the combination of the above solutions took care of the data validation customer journey – Infobip’s communication platform also catered to authenticating their existing clients via two-factor authentication (2FA) over SMS.

Secure and compliant data is the paramount of KINZ’s success. To help them ensure this, we deployed 2FA every time a client logged into their CRM platform. Due to our SMS promise of high deliverability and low latency, each time a client logged in they were sent an OTP via SMS. Thereby, ensuring real-time security without hampering customer experience.


50% reduction in operational costs and 30% conversion rate with an omnichannel approach

This unified omnichannel communication approach from Infobip’s single platform resulted in:

  • Friction-free collection and unification of data
  • Automatic real-time data updates
  • Seamless validation process with IVR via Voice and WhatsApp Business as a failover
  • 30% reduction in cost per record update 
  • 50% reduction in operational costs 
  • 20% increase in efficiency of call center agent performance

All leading to an exceptional data validation and verification process. This resulted in a conversion rate of 30%.

In addition, the 2FA though SMS during signup resulted in a secure customer experience and data protection.

Infobip understood and shared our values on accuracy, efficiency, and protection. Their single communication platform helped us optimize and unify our data validation processes along with securing our platform with their authentication solution. The combination of their CPaaS and SaaS capabilities with Moments, Conversations, Voice, WhatsApp, and SMS helped take our digital transformation to the next level and build strong and trusted relationships with our key stakeholders.

Khaled M Khalifeh

CEO & Tech Thought Leader, KINZ