LAQO Insurance elevates support with Infobip’s gen-AI and Azure OpenAI partnership


of queries are handled by the AI digital assistant


of queries are handled within 3-5 exchanged messages


Enhance customer service and provide 24/7 fast, accessible, and personalized support

From offering metaverse experiences to using telematics data to encourage better driving habits, LAQO is not your typical insurance company. As Croatia’s first fully digital insurance provider, LAQO by Croatian Insurance is making waves across Central East Europe with its unique blend of seamless digital processes and customer-centric innovation.

From the get-go, LAQO has been continuously working on strengthening its digital identity through numerous innovations. Innovation is at the core of the brand, and this is shown by the projects we have successfully implemented so far.

Ana Zovko

Director at LAQO

With a strong history of innovation, LAQO wanted to enhance its customer service and provide fast, accessible, and personalized support. Offering 24/7 customer support was the ideal solution that would tackle the challenge of optimizing the company’s customer service.

For LAQO it was important to choose a communication partner and a strategic partner with whom they could continue to explore new avenues for collaboration, identify synergies, and capitalize on opportunities. Along with having a shared goal to further expand and deepen the partnership, ultimately delivering exceptional value to clients and achieving mutual growth and success.


Adopt a GPT-enabled assistant for customer support using Infobip’s Gen-AI and Azure OpenAI Service

In partnership with Infobip and Microsoft, LAQO used Azure OpenAI Service through Infobip’s cloud communication platform to develop a digital assistant, Pavle, that can support customers 24/7 while improving customer experience and driving loyalty. The digital assistant is customizable to suit specific customer needs and can handle many customers simultaneously.

A new chapter of partnership

LAQO turned to its long-term partner, Infobip, who had previously equipped the insurance company with an omnichannel cloud contact center solution to connect customers over their preferred messaging channel. Infobip, known for its relentless innovation in generative artificial intelligence (AI) on top of their communication platform, collaborated with LAQO’s marketing agency, Bruketa&Zinic&Grey to initiate the project and define the brand’s character.

With its vision to shape the future of market communication, Bruketa&Zinic&Grey shaped Pavle’s character into a human-like bot with a great sense of humor in line with LAQO’s brand personality at every stage of the customer journey.

Later, we sat down with LAQO team to map the company’s customer support journey. LAQO saw that although all the information was covered on its website, clients didn’t have time to read it. They preferred to talk to an agent via a popular channel like WhatsApp Business Platform. So, LAQO looked for a sustainable solution, and Infobip provided it.

To tackle repetitive queries, LAQO and Infobip teams set out to design the AI Assistant’s decision-making structure using Azure OpenAI Service and Infobip’s chatbot building platform, Answers. Building the AI Assistant took two weeks, but the real challenge was language. The Croatian language is not as supported as English, so Infobip worked closely with LAQO to fine-tune wording to ensure accuracy. With the documentation ready, the team was ready to set up a new version of the AI Assistant in five minutes.

The next step was to test and refine the assistant continuously. The team made sure that the AI Assistant could only cover insurance claims and general information about LAQO to avoid giving misleading information. LAQO also took special care to minimize hallucinations or confident responses that aren’t justified by training data.

Addressing hallucinations such as adjusting temperature is the usual first step—i.e. the parameter in the algorithm itself that controls the randomness or uncertainty of the outcomes. Infobip used advanced prompting techniques and carefully prepared content.

Danijel Temraz

Principal Engineer at Infobip

Infobip also worked closely with its partner Croatian Telekom, a member of the Deutsche Telekom Group, to implement the solution’s technical delivery.

We are developing new, rich functions to improve the interaction between LAQO customers and the brand. Pavle will now be able to share images and videos connected with the questions, making the whole interaction more engaging. We are also working on the multi-personality feature.

Martina Ćurić

Staff AI Engineer at Infobip

Pavle is now available to assist and greet customers 24/7 over WhatsApp Business Platform and transfer them to a live agent for more complex queries. The digital assistant offers guided steps in swiftly processing accident claims. After confirming insurance coverage, the AI Assistant directs customers to the app where they can report the incident.


30% of customer queries are resolved through the AI digital assistant

Today, LAQOs digital assistant is handling 30 percent of customer queries, freeing LAQO’s agents to focus on complex cases and customer acquisition. This also resulted in faster claim resolutions, allowing agents to resolve damage claims within 24 hours.

For third parties impacted by a LAQO-insured driver, AI Assistant provides a web link to a process that’s just as automated to facilitate claim processing.

LAQO GPT sets a new benchmark in customer support automation by offering natural, human-like and user-friendly conversational experience that not only provides immediate and high-quality assistance to users but also delivers exceptional value.

Željka Stiblik

Senior CX Consultant at Infobip

Optimizing customer support and agent efficiency

The AI Assistant has completely redefined customer support for LAQO, gaining the immediacy that insurance customers require. In addition, 90% of queries are now resolved in an exchange of three to five messages. Pavle also provides consistent answers, unlike human agents who might vary in their responses. This consistency is essential for us to maintain customer trust.

The AI Assistant also brought about a more optimal allocation of human resources. Agents initially saw it as a burden due to the rigorous testing, but after a few days, they recognized the benefits.

Now, we can automate great customer support and our agents can spend time helping new customers, dealing with complex cases, or building new features. What’s more, we spend 10 percent less effort on our contact center. Even with growing demand, we don’t need to expand our team at this point. And when we save money and resources, we can redistribute it to other initiatives important to us.

Monika Tonžetić

Head of Digital Sales and Customer Support at LAQO

Charting the next chapter

LAQO is laying the groundwork for its next big move, which involves allowing Pavle to sell insurance policies and provide specific information to prospective customers. What’s more, LAQO is working on humanizing customer interactions further by adding new elements to the AI Assistant’s reply repertoire. Pavle will be able to share images and videos connected with the question itself, making the whole interaction more engaging.

Both LAQO and Infobip recognize that given the complex regulations in insurance, innovation must be both daring and diligent. As the technology partner, Microsoft provides the rigor in responsible generative AI, while Infobip offers technology and expertise in crafting user experiences that build lasting relationships.

Our advantage is that we have a group of people with a different mindset who are willing to challenge these rules. We aim to show our customers that insurance can be intuitive and user-friendly. Everything our customers need will be available on their phones. In an industry that can be intimidating due to its complexity, we want to simplify our customers’ experience. We don’t just sell policies; we want to be with our customers throughout their life.

Ivan Bimbi

Head of Digital Strategy and Processes at LAQO