Mahindra Auto: Increased operational efficiency by 30% with WhatsApp


increase in operational efficiency


Delivering critical information in real-time

Mahindra Auto always looks for ways to enhance the automotive experience. At the forefront of the car purchasing journey stand Mahindra Auto’s car dealers, and a part of providing a great car buying experience for customers is delivering key information on time.

Until recently, Mahindra Auto car dealers had to endure a lengthy process to obtain information that would help buyers choose the right car and complete their purchase. This amount of time and touchpoints resulted in frustration..

To improve the experience for its car dealers, Mahindra Auto was looking for an easy-to-use solution to deliver real-time information that would help them plan and track funds and inventory.


Implementing WhatsApp as a new communication channel

Since WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication channels in the region, Mahindra Auto decided to implement it as a new communication channel for its car dealers. With Infobip, the automotive company was up and running with WhatsApp Business API within 24 hours.

Mahindra Auto then decided to automate its communication by syncing its new WhatsApp account to the company’s existing chatbot. The chatbot serves as a self-service model for car dealers to filter through information and receive exactly what they need in minutes. Through keywords, car dealers can provide the chatbot with information to generate PDFs with specific information.

WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption and instant messaging feel ensure car dealers receive information in a secure, fast, and easy way.


Increased operational efficiency by 30%

Mahindra Auto saw immediate improvements after implementing WhatsApp as a new communication channel.

The self-service model has relieved pressure from office executives since car dealers can now get information on their own – especially during the pandemic. It has also improved inventory and funds planning for car dealers and has reduced operational workforce efforts by 30% across all offices.

image representing a 30% increase in operational efficiency

Mahindra Auto is also satisfied with the fast development and deployment – and is happy to have a scalable solution that can meet changing behaviors and needs. The automotive company looks forward to using new features and channels in the future.

Infobip helped us set up WhatsApp as a new communication channel for our car dealers within 24 hours – from development to deployment and rollout. The solution helped us increase operational efficiency by 30%, and our car dealers are happy with their self-service model. We look forward to using more features and channels in the future.

Abhishek Sukhwal

Head of Emerging Technologies COE at Mahindra Group