Mutua Madrileña: Improving customer experience with WhatsApp Virtual Assistant


Successful customer service ratio


Customers served


Higher CTR


Reaching customers present on digital channels

With hundreds of thousands of customers across the country, Mutua Madrileña is the most widely used insurance provider in Spain, providing life, automobile, health and accident insurance, as well as pension and investment funds.

With 74% of its customers present on digital channels, the organization wanted to move beyond just building new apps and instead, look at how existing channels could be used to reach and support customers. This meant being present on conversational platforms.

In tandem, the COVID-19 pandemic was driving more and more people to WhatsApp to keep in touch with friends, family and brands over the various lockdowns of 2020. WhatsApp’s global user base has grown a colossal 50% from March 2020.

The company realized it needed to be present on WhatsApp in order to elevate conversational commerce and free up existing agents to deal with more complex customer service queries.


WhatsApp chatbot from Infobip

Mutua Madrileña harnessed its own expert customer experience and technological assets, and with guidance from Infobip, successfully integrated WhatsApp Business into its existing systems.

Now all customers need to do to start a conversation is add the number to their contact list and say ‘Hola!’. The app can handle multiple conversational workflows on more than 1,000 topics, including:

  • Customized information relating to specific claims 
  • Invoice access  
  • Activating a claim in the instance of an accident  
  • Questions about current auto claims  
  • Access to loyalty initiatives and coupons
  • Offer discounts for loyal customers  

Mutua Madrileña is one of the first insurance providers in Spain to provide support like this via WhatsApp.


Improved CX and higher engagement across the board

Infobip’s solution enabled Mutua Madrileña to bring a brand-new channel to market in just three months. Since October, Mutua Madrileña’s WhatsApp virtual assistant helped:

  • Serve over 150,000 customers
  • Manage over 486,000 interactions
  • Deliver a 90% success ratio in handling customer inquiries
  • Drive an impressive 300% increase of CTR, compared to the use of its web-based virtual assistant
  • Drive 13% of visits to Mutua Madrilena’s customer service page
  • Encourage 41% of NPS surveys to happen through this channel

It also accounts for 23% of all traffic among the channels where Mutua Madrileña uses a virtual assistant – this includes its website, apps, and Google assistant. A fantastic achievement for a channel in its early stages.

As the service evolves, Mutua Madrileña has added to the content available via the channel, depending on customer needs.

Strong levels of channel re-use and NPS scores show that the service is a favorite among customers, who use the channel to quickly address any queries or questions.

Future plans for the channel include requesting roadside assistant via WhatsApp automation, where Mutua Madrileña would then dispatch help as soon as possible.

The past 12 months have not only accelerated our digital transformation goals but reminded us that customer-centricity is imperative when it comes to providing stand-out experiences. We need to be where our customers are, on the channels they value and converse on most. That’s why Infobip’s WhatsApp Business API was the perfect solution for the launch of our new virtual assistant. Through WhatsApp, customers can converse with our assistant on over 1,100 different insurance topics, for example invoice queries, and access customized information and loyalty coupons. It’s a first of its kind in Spain, enabling simple and instant conversational support. We are incredibly grateful to have Infobip as a partner as we continue to expand the capabilities of the assistant in the future.

Juan Larrauri Diaz

Head of Digital Strategy

Company Profile

Mutua Madrileña

Founded in 1930, Mutua Madrileña is one of Spain’s largest insurance companies. They provide life, auto, health, and accident coverage, as well as pension and investment funds. With HQ in the country’s capital of Madrid, La Mutua services over 2 million customers. The insurer’s mission is to simplify insurance claims so people can have peace of mind.