Nexon: Achieving a 98.86% email delivery rate with Infobip’s Email API and deliverability service


Email delivery rate


decrease in bounce rate


Improve the reliability of email communication for business-critical messages

Nexon creates some of the most successful and globally recognized computer games in the world with millions of people enjoying their online multiplayer games and immersive virtual worlds built for mobile devices. 

Dungeon & Fighter, MapleStory, and KartRider are just some of the franchises that are household names for dedicated gaming fans. 

Nexon relies heavily on email as a primary communication channel with its customers, using it to send both promotional and transactional messages. When emails don’t get delivered reliably it has a direct impact on the business with an increase in customer services enquires, underperforming promotional campaigns, and the risk of customer churn.

Advertising and informational messages to customers must be delivered in a reliable and timely manner. If customers do not receive text messages or emails, it leads to more customer service inquiries.

Seungyong Sim

Director, Nexon Korea

To improve their sender reputation and increase deliverability rates, Nexon were looking to replace their in-house SMTP email server with a proven enterprise email solution that could handle volumes of messages in the tens of millions. The challenge was to elevate their service to match the quality of experience that their customers were used to from playing their games.


An enterprise quality Email API supported by dedicated deliverability expertise

As a large global company, Nexon needed an enterprise email service with a secure, extensible, and flexible API that could be easily integrated with their many in-house services.

With our proven email sending infrastructure and a local office in South Korea to provide hands on assistance if required, Infobip was a logical choice to work with.

Nexon migrated from their in-house SMTP server to Infobip’s more secure and efficient HTTP API. Our comprehensive documentation and responsive support enabled a seamless transition, with the entire transfer being completed within a two-week development cycle. 

An email service engineered for high deliverability at scale

Infobip’s email service support includes personalized domain and IP strategy consultancy, guided onboarding and customized domain warmup plan, proactive delivery monitoring, and consultancy services from Infobip’s deliverability engineers. It can be optimized for both transactional and promotional use cases with granular reporting and performance analytics.

These services, in combination with our leading Email API, are engineered for the reliable delivery of high email volumes and to move the needle on the brand’s key delivery stats.


Achieving a 98.86% email delivery rate and optimized channel costs

The migration to Infobip’s email service had an immediate positive impact on Nexon’s deliverability rates and service reliability with an impressive 89% decrease in email bounce rate and an increase in their delivery rate to an impressive 98.86%.

  • Delivery rate increased from 89.34% to 98.86%
  • Bounce rate reduced from 10.66% to 1.14%

These improvements are directly attributable to Nexon’s elevated sender reputation and achieving full domain authentication by ensuring that their emails complied with DKIM standards.

The result for Nexon’s customers is that they receive communication far more reliably and feel informed and supported at every step of their gaming journey.


email delivery rate achieved.


decrease in email bounce rate.

The importance of proactive deliverability support

It is crucial for maintaining email sender reputation to resolve any problems quickly and before they have an impact on a brand’s service. For example, as part of their ongoing monitoring our deliverability team were able to identify an increase in bounce rates for Nexon’s emails sent to Microsoft domains and then take action to resolve the problem. Firstly, we reached out to Microsoft on Nexon’s behalf to help identify the cause of the changes. We then advised the following:

  • Lowering the volume of emails sent to Microsoft domains
  • Focusing on engaging recipients within these Microsoft domains
  • Gradually increasing the volume once delivery rates stabilized

In addition to the improvements in their email service reliability, Nexon were also able to benefit from resource optimizations. By replacing their SMTP configuration with our email service, they removed the task of reputation management and domain protection from their own staff, who could be reallocated to other operational tasks.

Where their previous solution required two full-time developers and one operational person to manage, the new solution only requires the equivalent of a single person, with a 50% split between developer and operational resource.

With tens of millions of customers around the world, promotional and informational email messages must be delivered in a reliable and timely manner. If customers do not receive text messages or emails, it leads to more customer service inquiries. Due to the proactive deliverability support we have increased our delivery rate and improved our sender reputation. By sending emails through the API provided by Infobip, we have been able to optimize our costs and reallocate operational personnel to other strategically important tasks.”

Seungyong Sim

Director, Nexon Korea

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