LankaBangla: 90% delivery rate achieved through personalized messaging


increase in delivery rate

With Infobip solutions:


Lack of customer insights and low delivery rates

LankaBangla is Bangladesh’s leading integrated financial services institution and one of the major credit card providers in the country.

To build customer relationships and maintain trust around their credit card portfolio, it was imperative for LankaBangla to proactively communicate promotions, reminders, transaction updates and notifications.

However, using their own server for sending out bulk SMS’ and Emails to their customer base posed certain challenges:

  • Inability to track, analyze and measure SMS and Email performance
  • Lack of personalization due to the absence of metrics and consumer insights
  • Low delivery rates, hovering between 50% to 60%

This also resulted in LankaBangla being unable to analyze their consumer behavior in real time to tailor their products and services accordingly.

They needed a dynamic communication solution that would help them send data-driven messages at scale.


Integrating Email and SMS via a single communication platform

Due to local regulations and low penetration of internet, LankaBangla was looking for a communication technology partner that could help them send out personalized marketing and transactional SMS and Emails.

Infobip’s CPaaS capabilities empowered LankaBangla to channel the power of SMS and Email via a single communication platform with engagement metrics throughout the customer journey.

Our local team worked closely with LankaBangla to connect our CPaaS solution to their existing database to provide unified customer insights. This way they could personalized the messaging on both the channels at scale along with sending the right message at the right time through our platform.

They now get in-depth customer engagement metrics including open and delivery rates. Their campaign managers can easily create campaigns with our drag and drop interface, monitor customers interaction on every channel, and analyze the data to modify their strategies – leading to maximum conversions.

In addition, our local team provided real-time support, advised on best practice use cases and help fix any technical issues in under an hour’s time – ensuring fast, secure, and personalized experiences to LankaBangla and their customers.


90% delivery rate with Infobip’s CPaaS capabilities

LankaBangla are now able to leverage end-to-end customer data by gaining real-time insights into consumer behavior, product usage, and channel preferences. They now deliver consistent and personalized experiences to their customers across SMS and Email with a data-driven strategy.

This has resulted in a massive increase in delivery rates, ranging between 90% to 92%.

Our CPaaS capabilities empowered them to achieve higher engagement and increased conversions across the customer journey.

Infobip allows us to achieve higher deliverability, drive traffic, increase sales, and interact with our customers across all touchpoints via SMS and Email. With this friction-free communication, we can now collect insights, engage, and deliver a consistent experience to our customers with Infobip’s CPaaS capabilities. With a data-driven strategy, we can now provide a personalized experience to all customers with Infobip SMS and Email, anytime.

Khurshed Alam

SEVP & Head of Retail Business, LankaBangla Finance Limited

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