LINE TAXI: Providing 100% identity protection to maximize user privacy


identity protection


Low data protection negatively impacts user trust

Ride-hailing services have cemented themselves as the go-to mobility platform of choice, enabling users to get from point-to-point quickly with no hassle.

To complete a journey with LINE TAXI, all a user needs is to open the LINE app to register their identification and e-wallet for the ride-hailing services, and book a ride. By using the official LINE chatbot, users can easily receive the designated driver’s contact and car numbers, and initiate voice calls without downloading additional apps. Being industry disruptors, LINE TAXI wanted to streamline this process by reducing the steps involved, while simultaneously boosting engagement between drivers and passengers for every trip.

The aims:

  • Reignite trust: Delays due to traffic jams and road construction would often lead to diminishing trust between drivers and passengers. Riders felt let down that they weren’t informed of a delay to their journey.
  • Increase data privacy: As LINE TAXI grew in popularity, another issue quickly appeared – data privacy. This became a huge concern for all as it was constantly on the minds of their riders.


Smart security functions that improve data protection

While undertaking market research, LINE TAXI discovered how their peers successfully integrated with Infobip on a global scale to deliver meaningful, safe user journeys at scale.

LINE Taxi sought to partner with Infobip and develop a customer experience (CX) strategy that improved overall user engagement. This included:

  • Number Masking. Anonymous rider-to-driver calls. This approach involved replacing a user’s real number with a virtual one, ensuring their caller ID remains hidden and protected. This provides advanced data protection, better user privacy, and an improved rider-to-driver engagement
  • Infobip SMS solutions for One-Time Pin (OTP) codes, providing an additional channel to directly communicate with users

After deploying Number Masking and SMS solutions, passengers could engage with drivers in real-time without revealing any personal data. Additionally, all users – including drivers – can provide their feedback in surveys aimed at improving customer experience and boosting customer loyalty. This helps achieve LINE TAXI’s main goal of using technology to innovate the ride hailing industry and provide users with the safest, most secure, and exceptionally comfortable ride-hailing journey.

Improved data privacy

With Number Masking all communication is encrypted to protect the privacy of drivers and passengers. This includes calls and SMS, ensuring all user details are masked. No user is at the risk of their details being obtained and exposed to fraud, nuisance, or inappropriate communication.

Providing advanced integration

To ensure the LINE TAXI user experience is seamless and secured, the API had been updated to ensure VOICE communications are seamless and error-free. This ensures there is no misuse of any user data.


Complete user data protection, improved communication, and growing brand awareness

The deployment of Number Masking ensured LINE TAXI gives both passengers and drivers peace of mind by keeping their data protected.

Users can feel safe even when giving feedback across any channels, thanks to increased data protection. This raises the level of trust for the public and drivers. They are now more confident about using the app and motivated to share and promote the service.

With this growing confidence among its users and the easy-to-use experience and data safety features, LINE TAXI continues to experience growth surges in user adoption. The service is even used for other functions beyond ride-hailing, such as Xiang Xiang Delivery (享饗送) and Anshing quick dispatch (安心快送) during the pandemic.

Number Masking and SMS automation help both passengers and drivers feel safer, knowing that their privacy is protected whenever they use LINE TAXI.

Infobip’s Number Masking feature significantly fulfilled our needs to deliver personal privacy to all our users. Also, its quick and professional response helped us address many issues, be it technical or with problems that users encountered. Infobip worked closely with LINE TAXI for 4 years and we’re delighted to grow with them until today, expand on what we have right now, and pursue even more collaborations in the future!

Ming Ma

Senior Product Manager