Petpetgo: Doubled purchase frequency with an omnichannel customer engagement solution


purchase frequency


less advertising spend


Low return on advertising spend (ROAS) and lack of real-time insights

Petpetgo, a top-charting pet supplies eCommerce company in Taiwan that now competes with several notable brands, wanted to explore new revenue generation strategies. The company noticed that there is a growing trend among merchants who have been advertising on Facebook – and that dynamic ads are now only bringing in limited exposure.

Unsurprisingly, as the use of Facebook ads increased, so did the purchase price of this marketing content. This negatively impacted the return on advertising spend (ROAS). Additionally, Petpetgo had been mass emailing customers without a proper content strategy and user engagement tracking capabilities, resulting in low open rates.

Petpetgo knew that growing its revenue and reducing costs meant deploying a solution that would help them understand their customers better so they could set up targeted personalized campaigns. The company also wanted to gain real-time insights that could help them optimize campaigns and messaging when consumer behavior and trends shift.


Using an omnichannel customer engagement solution to improve marketing performance

To help improve its Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Petpetgo decided to use:

  • Moments: Our omnichannel customer engagement solution that offers advanced personalization and automation capabilities.
  • People CDP: Our comprehensive customer data platform (CDP) that connects insights from all touchpoints to unlock a 360° view of the customer.

The company uses the insights they receive through Moments to:

  • build targeted and relevant campaigns
  • optimize customer interactions
  • seamlessly orchestrate and deliver personalized messages via SMS and email

People CDP, on the other hand, enables Petpetgo to manage its customer and inventory database with two tracking attributes:

  • Customer attributes: With the customer’s consent, Petpetgo can gather data such as pet type, gender, age, and home address.
  • Product attributes: To better understand customer profiles, the company leverages consumer purchase records – such as types of pet items, high-end goods, or general products.

Subsequently, once an event is triggered, Petpetgo uses Moments to send three types of personalized messages to specific customers:

  • Notifications: feedback surveys, order statuses, and logistics updates
  • Educational messages: product assembly tutorials, feeding tips, and animal-related information
  • Promotional messages: specific campaign information, e-coupons, and unique offer campaigns

With our easy-to-use solutions and informative manuals, Petpetgo can segment each customer based on specific attributes such as purchasing behavior and customer journey stage. This enables the company to send personalized marketing content depending on the customer’s loyalty status and interests.

For example, a new pet owner who bought an item for the first time, such as a bag of dog food, would receive messages from Petpetgo on the channel they prefer, such as email or SMS. These messages would include relevant and informative content such as:

  • The correct amount of food per serving
  • Suggestions on dog nutrition at different periods of its life
  • Relevant and informative videos, tutorials, guides, and more


Doubled purchase frequency and reduced advertising spend by 10%

Since using Moments and People to implement personalized messaging, Petpetgo’s customer lifetime value, rate of repeat purchase, and interaction rate have increased, while purchase frequency has nearly doubled its original volume.

Our solutions also helped the company reduce its reliance on Facebook advertising. Petpetgo used to invest 50% to 60% of its annual revenue in advertisements. However, using Moments and People to craft personalized messages and engage customers helped the company reduce its spend on advertising by up to 10%.

Infobip Moments combines a customer data platform (CDP) and marketing automation (MA) into a single platform. This is one of the few solutions on the market that integrates these functions, which I believe brings assured benefits to businesses. Moments and People CDP are extremely easy-to-use and Infobip experts provide end-to-end support throughout the onboarding process. This greatly shortened our learning period and enabled quicker production rollouts. Using Infobip Moments and People helped us gather and segment our customer data and deliver personalized messaging that improved our business.

Layra Liao

Founder & CEO, Petpetgo