Primer Group: Boosting sales by 225% using Viber


increase in sales


Moving to eCommerce

With eCommerce surging under Lazada and Shopee, Primer saw the value of investing in online shopping. However, they immediately faced the challenge of moving offline shoppers towards their online stores.

The challenge was how to communicate to customers that they could shop online. This introduced a subsequent challenge – how to continuously engage with these customers once online?

Operating 400 stores and offering 150 monobrands overwhelmed Primer with a wealth of data. The challenge here was how to maximize and check the value of their massive database.

Making smart use of the data was also challenging, since Primer lacked analytical tools to provide metrics aside from campaign revenue.

When pandemic measures closed their brick-and-mortar Bratpack stores, Primer needed a way to keep this brand afloat. They needed to move their CRM online in a push to turn loyal customers into ecommerce shoppers.


Conversational engagement with Viber Business Messaging

Primer noticed their target market segment was using chat apps. They decided Viber Business Messaging from Infobip would help them engage this segment and drive them towards eCommerce.

Additionally, using chat apps helped build a more humanized image of the brand by creating dynamic engagement with customers.

Thanks to the reporting features available from Infobip, Primer was able to validate user data and monitor campaign effectiveness.

The intuitive dashboard made it easy for Primer’s team to implement blasts.

For Bratpack, Viber introduced the capability to connect with their offline customers and offer them more shopping options with direct links and exclusive offers.

To introduce the new channel, Bratpack offered a discount voucher over the ecommerce site with a Viber code. The code was redeemable only by customers who received the code over Viber.


Achieving 401% sales targets and 225% monthly sales boost

Viber introduced a new level of customer engagement, improving customer journeys – as well as increasing eCommerce traffic and revenue.

Primer could connect with customers using more humanized messaging and by creating more engaging campaigns. This resulted in higher customer attraction and better customer engagement.

The ability to track which users were active helped Primer to focus their messaging spend on active customers only. In addition, by moving campaigns from email to Viber, Primer’s campaigns became more effective.

Making data driven decisions is simpler than ever thanks to automated reports providing insights on:

  • Customer engagement
  • Delivery rates
  • Conversion rates
  • Sales targets

Thanks to Viber, Bratpack saw 53% of users redeem codes for high customer engagement, resulting in hitting 401% of the store’s total target sales for a 224.81% sales boost, month-on-month.

From the time we started the partnership with Infobip, we’ve been improving on our customer engagement getting good results from each campaign launch. We’ve seen the value in their service and integrate with our marketing efforts. Their support and client servicing are remarkable, ensuring that we can manage to achieve our goals with the help of the services. We are expecting to onboard more brands as we go along with this partnership and get more guidance and technical expertise from Infobip.

Arjay Yano

Senior Digital Supervisor

Company Profile

Primer Group

The Primer Group of companies have the joint mission of bringing the best lifestyle, travel, fashion and wellness product brands to their customers. Headquartered in Manila, Philippines, Primer is present in 10 countries from Southeast Asia to Australia and the UK. The group has a diverse portfolio, including industrial products and services, as well as energy efficiency services. Bratpack is a Prime Group lifestyle concept store, catering to younger buyers – from students to anyone who feels young at heart.