Rappi: Targeted SMS campaigns that deliver


order in one hour


Ensuring customer loyalty and satisfaction with timely, personalized communications

Rappi has acquired a large customer base (of 700,000) and has placed over a million orders, all in the past year. Imagine needing something at the last minute for a party and having no way to get it in time. Imagine needing anything and it only costs an extra $1-2 to have it delivered to your door. That’s what Rappi is doing in Mexico and Colombia right now. They were a fast-growing company rapidly approaching the turning point at which startup companies either make it (cement customer loyalty, keep them interested/coming back, keep growing on solid foundations) or break it (drops in quality of service, unaddressed customer churn, customer dissatisfaction).

Rappi realised they needed a reliable, fast and simple way to reach out to their customers with a tailored approach, catering to their specific needs and making sure they got exactly what they wanted, when they wanted it.


Tapping into the Infobip platform

Infobip’s communication platform is a user-friendly, simple and efficient tool to build and manage SMS campaigns. It is reliable, it is fast and can be seamlessly integrated with the company using either API or web interface.

SMS is the most widely used communications channel, supported by all mobile phones regardless of internet connection – by using SMS, Rappi ascertains that their customers receive their messages no matter how old their phones are and no matter where they currently are.

Customer segmentation is another crucial feature it offers, helping Rappi select the customers they want to target based on previous purchases, location or any parameters they have in their database they wish to use as a segmentation base for a specific campaign. For example, if a customer uses Rappi, but stops ordering, Rappi can easily filter these customers using Infobip’s solution and send an SMS to them, inviting them back. It is also useful for campagins targeting Rappi’s sponsors.


Steady increase in orders, sales, customer satisfaction and retention

Well, Rappi has definitely made it – increase in orders, increase in sales, customer loyalty and satisfaction, even targeting campaigns for their sponsors was made easier by their utilization of Infobip Portal.

However, this is all best illustrated by an example: a promotion for a chicken restaurant that was so popular it had to be shut down early. Rappi advertised a special for the restaurant chain Frisby on a Sunday. After sending 2000 SMS coupons they had 150 orders in an hour.

Think about that for a moment. SMS messages on a Sunday getting 150 orders in an hour. The sort of results (unparalleled by any other channel) that speak for themselves, right?

With the power of customer segmentation brought forth by Infobip’s solution, those messages were sent to just the people who might be hungry for some chicken on a Sunday, bringing them just what they needed.

As it turns out, it was exactly what Rappi needed, too.

Infobip’s data segmentation tool is incredible. This is the data we rely on not just for offers to customers, but targeting campaigns for sponsors as well.

Isabella Zulaga

Content Marketing & Communications, Rappi

Company profile


Rappi is a YCombinator graduate that in barely a year has over 700,000 customers, 2000 delivery people, and placed over 1 million orders with 400 employees in Mexico and Colombia.