Ringo Lock: Reducing customer complaints by 50% with Infobip


decrease in customer complaints


Ensuring a reliable connection between smart doors and end users

Imagine having the ability to unlock your door from your phone, securely. Slovenia’s digital native start up Ringo Lock helps landlords and homeowners do just that by turning house doors into smart, digitized ones.

Ringo Lock accurately identified that the main pain point of landlords, primarily those who rented out their apartments over platforms such as Airbnb, was delivering keys. Sometimes it has to do with the guest arriving late or at odd hours and other times due to an emergency or the landlords getting delayed.

That’s where their smart, modular locks came in to play, helping landlords unlock their house via their phones. However, there was one hitch – the Wi-Fi connection. It caused battery draining and loss of signal leaving landlords in remote locations with unreliable access or low-quality internet, ultimately leading to dissatisfied guests.

In fact, around 50% of customer complaints were related to Wi-Fi access. Directly affecting Ringo Locks business expansion plans.

They needed a solution that could connect the smart door locks with the end users in a reliable and secure way.


Creating reliable smart door connected with Infobip

Ringo Lock started exploring ways to connect their smart locks with end users, and Infobip turned out to be the most viable solution for them.

With Infobip’s IoT centralized connectivity management solution – the smart locks were enabled with IoT sims working over various telecom operators. Thereby, reducing the reliance on Wi-Fi and ensuring that Ringo Lock can react quickly on any possible failure that could cause reduction of rental property viewings.

It helped them overcome network challenges and troubleshoot quicker with complete insights on cellular network activity metrics in real time through the platform. While Infobip’s local presence in Slovenia, ensured great customer support.

In addition, Ringo Lock joined the Infobip Startup Tribe program that helped them leverage our global experience and coverage to expand their business worldwide.


50% reduction in customer complaints and higher acquisitions

Infobip doubled Ringo Lock’s market potential as it resulted in higher customer retention and acquisition. With friction-free connectivity, customers were guaranteed peace of mind and reduced complaints by 50%.

Access to real time analytics ensured customers were alerted when there were connectivity issues, and had the ability to reset the device, allowing their guests to enter the property without any interruptions.

Becoming a member of the Startup Tribe program allowed them to expand their business further with benefits such as free support services and testing credits.

Ringo Lock’s smart doors powered by Infobip created a truly digitized customer journey.

Infobip helped us overcome huge challenges with connecting our smart lock devices to the internet. Infobip’s global coverage and expertise increased the reliability of our devices and reduced customer complaints by 50%. Joining Infobip’s Startup Tribe helped us set the foundation for global expansion.

Peter Bruner


Company Profile

Ringo Lock

Ringo Lock is a Slovenian startup that helps digitizing doors and creating friction-free landlord experiences with the help of smart locks. Created by landlords for landlords, Ringo Lock provides solutions that make it easier for guests to access properties.