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ShoeBeDo: 4x Order Increase Through Personalized Viber Communications

ShoeBeDo: 4x Order Increase Through Personalized Viber Communications


Increasing engagement and conversion with on-demand shoppers

ShoeBeDo’s customers are used to getting information quickly and easily over instant messaging channels, such as Viber.

The Croatian retailer focuses on awarding loyalty to its 210,000 ShoeBeDo Club members, both in-store and online.

To remain competitive, ShoeBeDo wanted to improve engagement with on-demand shoppers through their loyalty program, as well as increase the conversion rate of campaigns targeted to its club members, using a channel their customers prefer.


Using Infobip’s web-based interface to set up personalized, targeted Viber campaigns

ShoeBeDo decided to use Viber as a new communication channel to send personalized messages that would engage customers.

To get started, an Infobip Dedicated Account Manager helped ShoeBeDo set up their campaigns and optimize their internal and external processes by introducing campaign templates and analytics.

Then, the European retailer connected its online web form to Infobip’s web-based interface to automatically set up customer profiles and segments which they used to send, targeted Viber messages.

Since Viber allows businesses to send rich content – including images, videos, GIFs, and more – ShoeBeDo was able to send special offers linked to their online store
To ensure all customers received their messages, ShoeBeDo also sent promotional emails and messages on their social media channels.


4x increase in online orders and increased customer engagement

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ShoeBeDo’s Viber campaign sent over Infobip’s web-based interface reached more than 70,000 shoppers, which was 46% of ShoeBeDo’s loyalty base at the time of the campaign.

Following the successful Viber campaign, ShoeBeDo’s online store saw 20 times more web visitors and four times more orders, when compared to a period when Viber campaigns were not active.

In the future, ShoeBeDo plans to add email as a failover option to their Viber messages.

Vlasta Milina
PR & Marketing Manager ShoeBeDo

Connecting to the Infobip Platform enabled us to meaningfully connect with our customer base. Direct, personalized communication through a reliable partner made all the difference for our outreach programs, resulting in higher conversions and impacting our bottom line.

Company profile


ShoeBeDo is a Croatian footwear retailer known for its urban and wide selection of well-known brands such as Vans, Adidas, Nike, Dr. Martens, and more. They have 21 stores across Croatia and Slovenia and a growing online store.