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Sila BG – OMNI Adds Rich Viber Engagement Capabilities

Sila BG – OMNI Adds Rich Viber Engagement Capabilities


Discovering new ways to engage with customers and boost sales

The marketing department at Sila BG is constantly looking for new ways to reach customers and increase revenue from engagement activities. When communicating with their customer base, they tailor special offers for their products with calls to actions that are meant to drive customers to their online shop.

After such campaigns are finished, Sila BG analysts study the results carefully and work towards improving campaign ROI. In pursuit of increasing customer engagement, Sila BG is experimenting with new communication channels to align with changing communication habits of demanding, tech-savvy customers.


Shifting to mobile-first communications with Viber

Looking to personalize their communication towards customers and build brand awareness, Sila BG discussed options and opportunities with Infobip, their existing SMS provider which on top of professional SMS messaging helps companies implement a range of communication channels with a view to improve customer communications and engagement. These capabilities are available as part of the Infobip OMNI solution – a comprehensive suite of all key communication channels such as SMS, email, chat apps (including Viber, Facebook Messenger, and LINE), voice and push notifications that are brought into a single platform that offers a high-volume, two-way enterprise customer engagement solution.

After a detailed analysis, which included Viber’s growing popularity among consumers in Eastern Europe and CIS region, Sila BG decided to use Viber messaging. Viber messages can function as promotional text, with up to 1000 characters, images and buttons with call to action, allowing Sila BG to better present their offering and prompt their customers to take further action. Viber is the most popular chat app in Bulgaria meaning they could reach wide number of their customers. Additionally, Viber campaigns reinforced their reputation of an innovative company that successfully tailors its communications to customers’ changing habits and expectations, and is successful in using the latest mobile and digital communications to improve and maintain customer engagement.

Infobip Portal provided a user-friendly, state-of-the-art web interface for the service, and helped the company organize their messaging campaigns and processes. Through the Portal, they got extensive and detailed campaign reports in real time, including the information on message delivery. If the message was not being delivered, they could easily check message error logs and take actions accordingly. This in turn helped with further optimizations and improvements.


Fully-powered multichannel consumer participation

After few promotional actions over Viber the results were far better than Sila BG expected. Using Infobip OMNI Sila BG’s Viber campaigns created and managed over the Infobip resulted with around 80% click through rates from the customers that received the message. As a result of promotion info sharing, Sila BG witnessed between 3 to 4% increase in daily unique visitors to their web site. Sila BG marketing team stated that Viber’s role in the overall success is very significant. When comparing the importance of Viber as a channel and the importance of the content, itself, marketing team stated that Viber’s contribution to success was 70%, while the content’s was only 30%.

Due to expansion plans, Sila BG is looking towards engaging with Infobip in other countries and regions. Promotional actions over Viber, performed through the robust IB platform, are expected to be a key approach driver for that initial outreach given their advantages and attractiveness among customers.

Atanas Atanasov
Project Manager, Sila BG

We would like to thank to Infobip to help us discover the OMNI channel communication to engage with our tech savvy customers. After launching promotional campaigns over Viber, that were enabled through Infobip OMNI solution, we got great responses from our customers. Those campaigns resulted with around 80% click through rates.

Moreover, as a result of promotion info sharing, we witnessed between a 3-4% increase in daily unique visitors to our web site. On the other hand, customers found new personalized messages cool and easy to share among their friends. For us, that was an easy way to build brand awareness.

For organizing promotional campaigns and processes we use the Infobip Portal, a user-friendly, state-of-the-art web interface that helped us get extensive and detailed campaign reports in real time, including the information on message delivery.

Company Profile

Sila BG

Sila BG is one of the biggest retailers of nutrition supplements and sports accessories in Eastern Europe. Established in 2007, it operates in Bulgaria, Romania and Greece where they also have retail stores, along with their online shop. They offer around 13,000 items from 500 brands, ranging from food supplements to clothes and accessories online. In the midst of their organic growth, the company is in process of planning an expansion to other SEE countries.