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Solidaridad: Increased Reach with Voice Communication

Solidaridad: Increased Reach with Voice Communication

  • 30K Cocoa farmers reached
  • 5K Oil palm farmers reached
  • 1K Miners reached


Providing training and other relevant information to farmers, miners, and other producers

Solidaridad wanted to reach more farmers, miners, and other producers that were a part of its program beneficiaries. To do this, the company looked to move communications to digital channels. However, most beneficiaries of their programs do not have access to smartphones. Their research indicates that the best way to communicate is through voice-based technology since over 90% of their program beneficiaries have access to basic and feature phones.

Solidaridad was looking for a reliable voice-based solutions provider that would enable them to provide training and other relevant information in an efficient and economical way.


Text-to-speech calls

After conducting some research on potential voice-based communication providers, Solidaridad decided to adopt Infobip’s Voice solution to connect with program beneficiaries using text-to-speech calls. This enables the organization to pre-record audio that is sent to its program beneficiaries in the form of a phone call.

Solidaridad uses text-to-speech calls to provide training, conduct post-training assessments to reinforce learning, and share other relevant information related to cocoa farming, oil palm farming, gold mining, and more. The voice technology also enables the organization to bridge language, distance, and literacy gaps across the five countries it operates in within the West African region.


Connected with 36,000+ farmers and miners

After implementing voice-based communications through Infobip, Solidaridad has reached 30,248 cocoa farmers and 5,486 oil palm farmers across five countries, and 1,066 miners in Ghana alone. Farmers and Miners now receive training and other useful information on time – helping them improve their farming and mining practices.

Solidaridad's reach with voice-based communications

In addition, Infobip’s solution has proved to be an efficient, cost-effective way of communicating – and Solidaridad looks to expand its communications mix in the future.

Abdul Basit Ahmed
Head, Digital Innovations at Solidaridad West Africa

Infobip’s voice solution has been crucial in helping us move our communications to digital channels. As a result, we’ve been able to reach over 30,000 cocoa farmers and over 5,000 oil palm farmers across five countries, as well as over 1,000 miners in Ghana alone.

Company Profile


Solidaridad is an International Civil Society organization with over 50 years of experience in developing socially responsible, ecologically sound, and profitable supply chains. They work to make communities more resilient, with almost 1000 staff in over 40 countries worldwide, and to create fair and sustainable supply chains. They enable farmers, miners, and other producers to earn a decent income, shape their own future, and produce in balance with nature.