Studio Moderna: Increasing engagement with customized campaigns


Unifying communications to improve conversion

Studio Moderna’s advanced customer experience programs rely on having robust communication options, actionable insights, transparent expenses overview, and a wide client-oriented reach.

By covering 20 destinations over multiple providers and using several different communication tools, the company found it difficult to manage the entire customer experience. This complex, multi-layered system made their jobs harder than they needed to be.

To continue being a leading omnichannel retailer, Studio Moderna wanted to unify their communications and improve their conversion rates while also reducing the costs of their campaigns.


Using Infobip’s web interface to introduce new communication channels with customers

Using Infobip’s web interface and global network, Studio Moderna was able to increase the reach and strength of their consumer engagement programs.

The Eastern European retailer was able to engage modern-day consumers with automated communications, reaching them across channels and devices, and catering to different habits over SMS, Viber, and Messenger.

Infobip’s web interface enabled the retailer to make informed decisions with deep campaign insights and reporting. As a retailer focusing on transparency at both ends of the spectrum, Studio Moderna now tracks costs per channel and creates custom charts with breakdowns per each country, month, and across all channels. Managing customer communication has boosted with automatic tracking of opt-ins and opt-outs.


Complete control of business processes, improved targeting and segmentation

Using Infobip’s platform, Studio Moderna can now:

  • Seamlessly track expenses and traffic
  • Create advanced customer segmentation
  • Create customized campaigns
  • Extract reports and detailed expense charts
  • Use custom filters to set up rich engagement programs and multi-step workflows

By introducing new communication channels and using easily accessible tools within Infobip’s web-based interface, the leading retailer experienced an increase in overall engagement, sales, and customer satisfaction, as well as reduced costs and churn throughout the process.

As an engagement channel, SMS has numerous advantages. With Infobip, we can engage our consumers over the right channel and the right time, and do so globally. Unique reports give us much more detail around our campaigns and engagement processes. As a company, Infobip shares our vision of elevating customer experiences which made them the technology partner of choice for Studio Moderna.

Bojan Šturm

International Print and Telemarketing Director, Studio Moderna

Company Profile

Studio Moderna

Leading omnichannel, multi-brand and direct-to-consumer electronic retailer in Central and Eastern Europe, with vertically-integrated network reaching more than 317 million consumers across 21 countries.