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Wefarm: Retaining 97% of Members Using Two-way SMS

Wefarm: Retaining 97% of Members Using Two-way SMS

  • 97% retention rate
  • +2.1m farmers joined


Supporting and educating farmers at scale

Wefarm launched in 2015, with the vision of creating a platform that will connect small-scale farmers with the people and resources they need to be successful.

Most farmers had mobile phones, but few had reliable mobile internet access, so Wefarm relied on SMS instead. Wefarm members increased their knowledge by text message – asking questions and getting answers from fellow members. Farming communities previously separated by geographical distance were now connected by technology.

Wefarm’s next steps were to expand to other regions and needed a reliable global messaging provider.


Two-way global communication with Infobip: Fast, compliant, and reliable at scale

Wefarm chose Infobip’s two-way SMS for its longstanding track record of fast and reliable delivery at scale. Infobip has direct connections to over 600+ mobile network operators, is compliant with all local telecom regulations, and provides 24/7 customer service.

Now, farmers can text a Wefarm number in their country and register using their name. They can then ask questions, get answers, share knowledge, and access farming inputs in one of four languages, simply by texting their local number.


Over 18 million messages exchanged to share knowledge on Wefarm

+6 million questions and +12m answers have been shared on Wefarm using two-way SMS – scaling and sharing the knowledge of millions of farmers.

97% retention rates reflect Wefarm’s achievement in creating a platform that’s relevant to local farmers, letting them define their own needs and get solutions from fellow farmers near and far.

There’s a lot of knowledge in the small-scale farming community – but not much has been collected or shared at scale. We’re asking farmers to share their expertise with a global community, and that is a very powerful thing.

Kenny Ewan, CEO of Wefarm

From 2015 to 2020, +2.1 million farmers joined Wefarm, +6.1 million questions were asked over the platform, and +12.2 million unique answers to questions were shared.

Wefarm results after introducing reliable 2-way SMS messaging
Michaela Peicheva
Director of People and Ops, Wefarm

The Infobip platform has enabled us to connect over 2 million farmers to the knowledge and inputs they need to be successful. So far, our farmers have shared over 18 million questions and answers to solve farming challenges. We’re delighted to have Infobip by our side as we work to bring our platform to 100 million farmers.

Company Profile


Wefarm is a digital platform enabling millions of small-scale farmers to realize their true economic potential as a global community. It aims to ensure small-scale farmers everywhere can connect and share information with other farmers across all forms of available technology; can access quality inputs at fairer prices, through Wefarm’s retailer network; and earn more from the value chain than they currently do.