Eight Trends That Will Shape Business Communications in 2022

Cloud-based communication is evolving at pace – here’s what’s on the horizon, according to customer engagement experts. 

The seismic changes the world is going through are clearly going to have a significant influence on how businesses conduct their relationships with customers and employees in 2022.

In this ebook, Infobip experts will drill down a little further, sharing their perspectives on more specific trends CX-focused businesses need to be aware of in 2022.

Download and discover:

  • How businesses look to simplify communications
  • What happens as preparations for the Metaverse get underway
  • What hybrid working means in communications redesign
  • The benefits of 5G become tangible
  • How AI makes customer interactions more human
  • Why platform businesses focus on engagement growth
  • The turning point for authentication and security
  • SMEs moving to omnichannel