CPaaS messaging trends 2023

Discover how the B2B communication landscape is evolving based on interactions that took place on our platform.*

*2021 vs 2022

More channels means more opportunity  

Consumer habits are evolving at a rapid pace with recent advancements in technology.

Brands can no longer expect consumers to seek them out in person or online. People now expect brands to find them on the digital channels and virtual spaces where they spend their time. Getting the communication channel right and delivering a compelling and personalized experience is now the key to driving loyalty and retention.

But what is the ideal channel combination look like in each industry sector? Which channels are growing, and which are declining. Importantly, how can platform providers enable their customers to choose the right channel for every use case and every end customer. Download the report to find out.

Key B2B platform growth areas


more RCS interactions in 2022 


more CPaaS traffic in 2022 


of platforms adopted an omnichannel approach

In this report, we concentrate on B2B channel interactions where more than 20% of platforms across industries adopted an omnichannel approach in 2022. 

Our analysis covers the most used channels and channel combinations across the primary industry sectors and their year-on-year growth.

Ivan Ostojić

Chief Business Officer, Infobip