Of course you can. Our Account Managers will help you set up the testing environment and provide 5€ of free credits to test our service. Your Account Manager will be in touch to check how things are going and get you set up once you finish testing. You can test anything from message sending to Unicode, long messages and other features.

For legal and security concerns, it is not possible to text numbers others than those registered and verified while signing up.

Yes. When you sign up for our service, one of the Account Managers specialized for your country or region will contact you over email and help you with our services set up and testing. The same person will be at your disposal for all the questions and any help you may need as you implement the service and tailor it to your needs.

You can pay offline or online. In many countries we have local online payment options available - in UK, USA, Kenya, South Africa, Poland, Turkey, Russia, Nigeria, Tanzania.

It depends on the country and region - in many countries we have pre-approved short codes and we can have them up and running for you within hours. If you’re using a service like Zendesk, you can buy our numbers over an application. In other countries, we can do this on your behalf and get it done much faster as we know relevant people and departments.

Visit - you’ll find everything from the very basic tutorials to advanced features and capabilities, with examples. Code is easy to examine and can be copy-pasted into your work. Requests are written in JSON, XML, cURL, PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, C# and JavaScript. To start testing or sending, make sure you’ve opened your account with Infobip; it only takes a couple of minutes. Also, check our blog posts on SMS API topics.

Simply get in touch with us via Contact form.
Our helpful account managers be in touch with you shortly to set up a test account for you. You’ll get free credits to test the service.

Get started!

Your account manager will set up your account on Infobip platform, make sure you get the service package that best suits your needs, and help you in testing and/or integration stage if necessary.

Account managers are key to our overall service quality. They help you understand telecoms regulations all over the world, and implement best practices in A2P messaging. Drawing on the decade-long specialist knowledge and experience, they are perfectly placed to help you navigate the complexities of global A2P messaging, and point you in the right direction when optimising your messaging projects.

USSD is an interactive, menu-based technology, supported on almost all mobile phones.  Some examples of service usage are airtime top-ups, “please call me” services, balance checking and mini statements delivery. USSD short code format is defined by the * and # signs at the beginning and the end of the series of digits.

USSD is a menu-based service which runs as a real-time open session between the application and the end-user. While SMS is a store and forward technology, USSD texts and interactions are not stored on the mobile phone. SMS content remains stored in the mobile phone memory. Additionally, USSD can have up to 182 characters, while SMS is limited to 160 characters.

There are three types of USSD short codes available. The standard rate USSD short code is charged the standard fee for the USSD menu usage by the end-user. Reverse-billed short codes are free for the end-user. Premium rate USSD short codes are charging the end user a premium price for short code triggering. Generally, USSD short codes are either reverse-billed or standard rate.

We support a number of different payment options, which depend on the country and currency. You can make payment offline, with debit and credit cards, and in some countries with e-wallets. In some countries it’s possible to pay in local currency as well. Below is the list of local currencies we accept per countries/continents: 

UK, USA, Canada, Europe - [EUR, USD, CAD, GPB]

Poland - [PLN]

Nigeria - [NGN]

Tanzania - [TZS]

South African Republic - [ZAR]

Russia - [RUB]

Turkey - [TRY, EUR, USD]

Kenya - [KES]

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