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Business-as-a-Service (BaaS) is a new concept in A2P messaging managed services, allowing mobile operators to run their entire A2P business - with complete customer acquisition flow and support - without any investment or risk of ownership.

Business-as-a-Service term is derived from the standard terminology used to describe different stages of development in cloud solutions.

Modular A2P messaging management and service delivery approach for mobile operators, delivered by the operator’s specialized technology partner. Includes a fully-managed instance of the core communications platform, maintained and upgraded according to the latest standards in security and continuous service delivery, operational services management, infrastructure development, resulting in an expanded operator service portfolio, faster time to market, cost reduction and reduced strain on operator business processes.

Through years of industry experience and investment in R&D, messaging technology specialists have blended in-house development and built on existing relationships with mobile operators around the world to satisfy the requirements of today’s businesses, providing high-quality messaging services with worldwide coverage. Business-as-a-Service (BaaS) expands on this model, as a more active role in managing operator’s A2P SMS through modular service and operations delivery, positively impacting time-to-market and helping to innovate operator portfolios.

With no guesswork involved for the operator – this approach gives operators access to a wealth of proprietary expertise, it also introduces the support infrastructure necessary to meet the A2P demands of enterprise customers. Along with this, the messaging partner powers sales and marketing efforts and provides expert-level business consultancy, allowing the Business-as-a-Service model to power every segment of operator’s A2P messaging.