What is BaaS (Business-as-a-Service)?

BaaS is a concept in A2P messaging which allows mobile operators to run their entire A2P business without major investment or risk of ownership.

The term Business-as-a-Service term is derived from the standard terminology used to describe different stages of development in cloud solutions.

How does the Business-as-a-Service model work? 

As a modular A2P messaging management and service delivery approach for mobile operators, BaaS is usually delivered by a specialized technology partner. It includes a fully managed instance of a core communications platform, maintained and upgraded according to the latest standards in security and continuous service delivery, operational services management, and infrastructure development.

What are the advantages of Business-as-a-Service?

The BaaS model enables mobile operators to provide an expanded service portfolio, a faster time to market, and reduces upfront costs. With a BaaS solution that covers the complete customer acquisition flow and support, operators are able to quickly scale their business in new markets without putting a strain on their infrastructure and business processes.

Jan 6th, 2022
1 min read

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