What is conversational experience?

Conversational experience is a term used to describe the interactions between customers and businesses, typically taking place over digital channels.

This covers interactions such as customer service inquiries, promotional campaigns and product recommendations. It can be completely automated or involve human interaction.

The goal is to make AI more accessible by allowing customers to interact with technology more naturally, just as they would do when talking to another person.

What are the benefits of conversational experience?

By offering conversational experiences powered by AI technology, businesses are able to provide customers with quick search results more accurately tailored towards their needs.

There are also cost savings associated with using AI to answer a greater proportion of queries, which saves on labor costs. This allows businesses to redirect human resources towards areas where they will see better return on investment such as marketing efforts or product development initiatives.

Additionally, using AI-powered virtual assistants can create a stronger connection between brands and customers, which often leads to greater brand loyalty over time.

Feb 23rd, 2023
1 min read

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