What are Magic links?

Magic links are types of logins where you login into an account by clicking the link emailed to you.

They can be used as a part of a multi-factor authentication strategy.

How do magic links work?

Firstly, the site asks for the user’s email address. Then, the application generates a link with an embedded token and sends it through email. When the user opens the email and clicks on the links, he is granted access to a site or app.

“Forgot password” links and one-time passwords (OTP) work similarly to magic links.

What are the benefits of using magic links?

The main benefits of using magic links include the following:

  • Easier authentication
  • Speed
  • Better user experience
  • Zero password breaches
  • Fewer customer support requests
  • Simple sign-up process

What are the cons of using magic links?

Magic links limitations include:

  • Ending up in the spam folder
  • Dependent on email deliverability
  • Secure as the user’s email account
  • Limited administrator visibility
Aug 18th, 2023
1 min read

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