Infobip in Financial Times

How to boost customer engagement on Black Friday

What retailers can do regardless the moment of the year, but mainly during the famous shopping season, to improve CX and the whole consumer journey, and get outstanding revenue results.

How to implement personalised conversational AI to drive engagement

AI personalization is a new goal for companies aiming to offer a extremely tailored experience for their customers. Using the agility and intelligence provided by AI is the new black. However it’s crucial to know what partners to select in your business to offer this new landscape to your customers.

Telecom operators in the digital age: beyond connectivity

Telco to Techcos. That’s a new trend in the global telecommunications market, since Telco Companies are revolutionizing their business models, ways of working and pack of solutions to become much stronger and offer incredible products and solutions to their customers.

What will be the key trends in customer experience for 2024?

We all know that CX is sort of a eternal trend. Every single company wants a better CX, towards to have better revenue results and customer satisfaction indexes outcomes. Come and read what are the next CX Trends for 2024, according to Infobip eyes!

Conversational era demands brands accelerate digital transformation

Customer journeys never was more conversational than ever. Everything goes through a conversation and be where your customer are is crucial if you want convert more sales and offer great experience. Check in this article on how making it possible with Infobip!

Businesses and brands must embrace the conversational future

The future requires omnichannel communications for companies which are looking for tremendous sales results. Understand how to set and keep improving the omnichannel infrastructure on your business to keep offering the best CX to your customers.

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