A2P Messaging Workshop to gather MNO experts in Dubai this April

Kristijan Barlek

End of April will see 100 telecoms experts from the Middle East, Africa, Europe, India and Russia-CIS regions gather in Dubai for an Infobip-hosted workshop on the latest trends, opportunities and challenges of the fast-paced A2P messaging industry.

The event opens on Tuesday, April 25. It will offer a comprehensive ecosystem overview, key drivers and players, as well as trends and developments that will likely influence future shifts. More than 40 telecoms operators from 30+ countries will join the knowledge sharing platform.

Their insight and experience will be key for shaping a balanced discussion on the state and the future of messaging and communications, and how operators can assume a central role in it. Infobip experts will contribute with insight into the emerging opportunities for telecoms – and ways to address them.

– For years, mobile network operators haven’t been deeply invested in the A2P messaging space, which has its own rules, products and is in constant development. A2P messaging use cases are diverse from market to market, and can vary tremendously from vertical to vertical. Complexity is further increased with different integration scenarios needed by companies depending on their size, pace and legacy IT systems they maintain, says Infobip founder and CEO Silvio Kutic, who will also have a keynote speech.

Infobip has more than 10 years experience in the global A2P space, and local operations in over 40 countries. As such, the company is in a unique position to share experiences in the areas of network protection, A2P opportunity monetization and emerging A2P business models.

The diversity of existing use cases, business models and integration methods dictates the need to keep pace with the strides made by the messaging industry, where the new ecosystem takes a strategic approach to mobile messaging and operator partnerships.

Apr 13th, 2017
2 min read

Kristijan Barlek