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Colombia, Portugal and Bahrain Covered With 2-Way SMS

Colombia, Portugal and Bahrain Covered With 2-Way SMS

We're happy to announce three more additions to the world's biggest 2-Way A2P SMS coverage.

Infobip’s 2-Way SMS coverage list has been expanded in South America, Europe and the Middle East. Colombia, Portugal and Bahrain are the latest countries added to the world’s largest 2-Way SMS coverage.

Currently spanning 50+ countries, Infobip’s 2-Way reach allows you to get one or more local numbers for your SMS campaigns. You can use any number for multiple campaigns, helping you cut costs and provide a consistent, instantly recognizable channel for your local customers.

Easy-to-integrate SMS APIs, seamless ordering of short codes and virtual long numbers through both the Infobip Portal and API in just a few clicks, as well as advanced set management and reporting tools inside Infobip Portal, make your real time communications easier than ever.


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