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Conversations and Answers Update: New Channels, Mobile App, Improved Analytics, and More

Conversations and Answers Update: New Channels, Mobile App, Improved Analytics, and More

With this month’s new release, we've added new features and channels to Conversations - our digital cloud contact center solution, and Answers – our chatbot building platform. Read on to learn how to reach more customers and improve customer support results.

Google Business Messages [Early Access] and Telegram available in Conversations and Answers

We are continually adding new channels to Conversations and Answers. Now, you can join our early access phase for Google Business Messages – a mobile conversational channel that combines entry points on Google Maps, Search, and brand websites. By adding this channel, you can meet customers where they are and build customer relationships over a channel they trust. We also added Telegram – a fast-growing chat app that in April 2020 counted 400 million monthly active users and is one of the top chat apps in Russia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Uzbekistan, Germany, Ethiopia, and India.

Conversations Mobile App [Early Access]

In these challenging times, we face a significant trend where more agents work from home or in the field rather than from the office. Taking that and the “remote future” in front of us into consideration, it’s crucial to provide the option to serve customers remotely – from their mobile devices. Therefore, we are happy to introduce our new Conversations Mobile App is in its early access phase for all users, ready to be tested and used to boost your agents’ productivity.

Flexibility and agility at your fingertips are all that we had in mind while creating a mobile workforce solution that will enable agents to stay in touch with customers even while they’re away from their desktop. Multiple digital channels, My Work management, and a display of all the types of multimedia – we got all covered. Get started and provide fast customer support anywhere, anytime!

Omnichannel Waiting Strategy in Conversations

Being on hold can be frustrating, and keeping customers waiting in silence often results in customer dissatisfaction, complaints, and churn.

To keep your customers informed, occupied, and encouraged to wait, we’ve added new automated messages to our contact center that will help you form your waiting strategy for all chat channels.

The waiting strategy consists of an automated welcome message sent to unassigned conversations, greeting customers, and letting them know that someone will take care of them as soon as possible. If the customer is still active and there are no agents assigned to the conversation, businesses can set up announcement messages that are sent in intervals to keep them engaged until an agent is available. The last message is sent to close a conversation – it can redirect customers to other channels or let them know an agent will reach out to them another time.

Find out more about new Conversations features and improvements in the official Release Note

Advanced Analytics in Answers

Access to relevant analytics is crucial for any data-driven team. That’s why, we’ve upgraded Answers with advanced analytics that allow you to understand your users, their satisfaction, conversation flow, and sessions.

Information about how many users interact with your chatbot and how many of those users return will help you assess the adoption of your chatbot. Conversational data, such as unrecognized intents, clearly shows what your users want but don’t get from your chatbot – which gives you the knowledge you need to improve their experience and your bot’s performance.

Find out more about new Answers features and improvements in the official Release Note