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Conversations Update: Customer Feedback and Authentication, Agent Productivity, and Live Chat Improvements

Conversations Update: Customer Feedback and Authentication, Agent Productivity, and Live Chat Improvements

With the goal of establishing better customer relationships, saving agents' time, and achieving better business results, we've added new features and improvements to our digital cloud contact center solution – Conversations.

Reduce manual work and improve customer satisfaction

The new upgrades made to Automation in Conversations aim to help you collect customer feedback and improve overal customer satisfaction.

Now, you can automate your contact center processes and reduce manual work by setting up automated messages based on a specific event.

This can be especially helpful in situations when a customer stops replying during an ongoing conversation and an agent needs to close the conversation to eliminate distractions and improve analytics. Using the new feature, you can set up automatic replies that get sent to customers who stopped replying for a specific period of time – helping the agent close the conversation sooner.

On the other hand, in rare cases when an agent stops answering to the customer, the same feature can notify supervisors to take immediate action – ultimately, improving customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

Collect customer feedback

Hearing the Voice of the customer is extremely important, especially in today’s customer-centric world. However, we know that getting customer feedback isn’t always easy, and having enough resources to collect and measure feedback is equally challenging.

To make it easier, we’ve automated the process for you within Conversations. Now, you can automatically assign a Survey to customers before closing a conversation – and track their scores and comments using the Voice of the Customer dashboard.

Now, you can improve contact center performance and response quality, and deliver a better customer experience, in just a few clicks.

Get valuable customer insights

Once you’ve collected customer feedback, take understanding your customers one step further with new Voice call metrics.

Now, you can track different metrics that show the overall performance of the calls coming into your contact center, such as rejected calls, unanswered calls, call duration, wait time, and more.

This new addition to Conversations enables you to download a transcript of a conversation, or multiple conversations, so you can monitor customer-agent communication and identify areas of improvement.

We’ve also added new filters to the Conversations Dashboard to help you improve user experience, customization, data control, export capabilities, and more.

Watch your agents’ productivity and satisfaction grow

We are persistently thinking about new ways to make agents’ lives easier and organization more efficient.

In All Work, where you can find all your contact center conversations, we’ve introduced a new predefined view for the entire contact center, along with a custom view for each user.

Now, you can set up a predefined, global view of conversations on an organizational level, while allowing each user to use a custom, private view.

This helps filter conversations and metrics according to each user’s needs.

Improve customer authentication with biometrics

For all chat channels, use unique, human characteristics for verification through biometrics authentication.

Biometrics identifiers can neither be counterfeited nor stolen.

Enabling fast and reliable authentication will improve security and customer experience while skipping old verification methods and saving customers and agents time. It takes no more than a few seconds to validate identity with biometrics, and it’s a hassle-free and user-friendly process.

Provide interactive customer service via Live Chat

Live Chat, one of the most popular channels that is built into Conversations, has been upgraded to help you provide better customer service.

Improvements to the in-app feature, widget, and agent panel will help agents deliver a more interactive experience on your company’s website or app.

Now, you can set up your chatbot to send interactive buttons which improve agent workflow and automate communication.

Agents can also use the sneak peek feature to see what the customer is typing in real time before they sent the message.

Additionally, with the new session information feature, agents can also gain insight into the customer’s location and identify which page the customer initially visited on the company’s website – helping agents serve customers faster and with more accuracy.

Find out more about these new features and improvements in the official Release Note