Covering South Korea with high-end 2-Way messaging

Kristijan Barlek

After China, we have extended our global 2-Way SMS coverage in Asia by adding South Korea to the list of countries which can be reached over Infobip’s interactive messaging technology.

Now, local and international businesses can get in touch with 41 million mobile phone users in Korea with our 2-Way services and benefit from best-in-class user reachability, top proprietary technology, and expertly-trained tech support for 24/7 2-Way traffic flow continuity.

Any type of message will work – we at Infobip ensure that every letter, numeral, punctuation, and symbol from any alphabet and language is always displayed correctly, leaving you to plenty of freedom to craft your messages. Close-knit MNO partnerships allow us to keep expanding our 2-Way coverage on a daily basis.

Nov 9th, 2020
1 min read

Kristijan Barlek