With Infobip, Daraz Enhances Customer Experience Through Mobile Messaging Solutions

Content Marketing Team Lead

Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead

Islamabad, Pakistan – July 22, 2019

Infobip, a global, cloud-based communications company, and a leader in omnichannel engagement, provides mobile messaging solutions for eCommerce companies such as Daraz – a leading online marketplace that operates in 5 countries – Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal. Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

For retailers to have effective communication with their customers, they need to ensure that relevant messages are being conveyed through communication channels that customers trust. By using Infobip’s messaging solution, Daraz is able to choose optimal communication channels best suited for specific types of messages through a single communication platform. That same platform offers comprehensive reporting and analytics opportunities that are extremely important in the e-commerce industry. This enables Daraz to track entire customer journeys: from initial account creation on the app to the placement and delivery of an order to the customer. As a result, Daraz is able to identify facilitators and bottlenecks in the process and optimize accordingly.Currently, Daraz is using Infobip’s solutions to provide their end-users transactional notifications, information regarding their order status and delivery as well as to showcase some of their promo deals and special offers. This way, they can better serve their customers with secure, timely, and relevant information tailored to the specific needs of each and every customer.

For Daraz, customer satisfaction is paramount. Every decision we take is based on how it will affect our customers. As a result, we’ve put in place stringent purchase protection policies that safeguard our buyers during and after they place their orders with us. We’re constantly innovating so that our customers are happy.

Ehsan Saya, Managing Director, Daraz

It is our pleasure and honor to work with Daraz to improve their customer experience by enabling their end users to receive important information on their transactions, order status, delivery and promotional offers in a timely fashion. Daraz realizes the importance of following industry trends and adjusting its communication strategy, so we look forward to future cooperation and even introducing additional messaging solutions, such as OTT channels, that will keep enhancing the customer journey.

Guray Ozturk, Company Secretary, Infobip Pakistan

About Infobip

Infobip powers enterprises to deliver messages across any channel, any device, at anytime and anywhere worldwide. Infobip’s technology creates seamless mobile interactions between businesses and people as well as simplifying the integration of almost all communication capabilities. With over a decade of industry experience, Infobip has expanded to include more than 60 offices on six continents offering an in-house developed messaging platform with the capacity to reach over seven billion mobile devices in 190+ countries connected to over 800 telecom networks. The company serves and partners with leading mobile operators, messaging apps, banks, social networks, tech companies, and aggregators.

About Daraz

Daraz is the leading online marketplace in South Asia, empowering tens of thousands of sellers to connect with millions of customers. Daraz provides immediate and easy access to 10 million products in more than 100+ categories and delivers more than 2 million packages every month to all corners of its countries.

Daraz is a mall, a marketplace and a community for its customers. It is also a university for entrepreneurs, and every month it educates more than 5,000 new sellers on e-commerce operations.

To overcome the logistics challenge in its markets, Daraz has built its own logistics company specifically designed for e-commerce operations – Daraz Express (known as DEX) – to raise the standards for the industry. Daraz is also helping existing and new logistics providers digitize.

In 2018, Daraz was acquired by Alibaba Group, and is proud to carry its part of the mission to ‘make it easy to do business anywhere in the era of the digital economy’. As part of the Alibaba ecosystem, Daraz is leveraging Alibaba’s global leadership and experience in technology, online commerce, mobile payments and logistics to drive growth in its markets.

Dec 7th, 2019
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Content Marketing Team Lead

Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead