Dev Days 2015: Infobip development

Kristijan Barlek

A global platform with 2 billion monthly transactions, geo-redundant infrastructure, connectivity to 800+ networks – all made possible by a veritable army of developers and technicians, working 24/7 to ensure peak efficiency, each and every minute, 365 days a year. Dev Days are the best forum to spark innovation and rethink the ever-evolving process of building great messaging technologies for clients around the world.

Organising Dev Days 2015 included a lot of talks, even more than organising such an event usually requires. Our plan was for the conference to be meaningful, provide real insight and share knowledge that can make a difference to businesses and developers.

For instance, Java is always on the menu at Infobip, but the focus should be on offering first-hand experiences in how agile development results in creating better products. As one of the powerhouses of the regional and global  IT industry, we felt that our experiences, struggles and insight perfectly position us to showcase all what it takes to build technologies that solve real problems for clients. This was something to make this Dev Days unique and bring real value to the conference.

So, for the 5thyear in a row, our over 130 in-house developers, network admins and database specialists from 5 R&D centres spent the three days in conferences and workshops. The eclectic agenda covered every aspect of developer work at Infobip, but for a full experiences, we needed more.

The final number of developers attending reached an impressive 270 on Dev Days Open Day, when we could put finally put our plan in motion and it worked like a charm. The Open Day featured keynotes by Infobip lecturers, as well as a fully-stacked international lineup of programmers, coders, machine learning and soft skills presenters – names like Markus Winand, Jan Šnajder and Danilo Goliani engage the audience with SQL indexing conundrums, predictive learning models and interpersonal skills development.

The lineup was carefully crafted to bring the most to everyone in the audience. While Mr. Winand’s SQL lectures provided hands-on and immediately applicable advice, Mr. Šnajder’s machine learning provided a high-level overview of the practices and the trends in this increasingly important field.

It might not seem so at first, but Mr. Goliani’s lecture on interpersonal effectiveness actually had a lot in common with our own experiences with scrum agile methodology. To keep things in perspective and maintain efficiency, sometimes you need to say no, and sometimes it’s the hardest thing to do – and learn.

So, from Java and OOP best practices, web development and UX, to SQL, databases, internal tools and agile development – we’re proud to say that this year’s Infobip-hosted Dev Days were an inspiration to both young and experienced developers from the entire region! Thanks for being with us at the conference, and looking forward to seeing you next year!

Jun 26th, 2015
2 min read

Kristijan Barlek