Fast and apt: Support team breaking records

Kristijan Barlek

It takes us an average of 34 minutes to solve an issue after receiving a client’s request for support, Infobip’s statistics show.

In less than 50 seconds, the request gets to the person that will handle it.

Only 1,6 emails are enough for our support team to resolve over 90 percent of difficulties that a client may have while using our messaging and payment services.

Infobip’s platform is a complex ecosytem with thousands of telecommunication routes stretching across the world. Our data centres are located in 3 continents, sustaining around 90 000 business accounts worldwide.

They use our platform for SMS messaging, USSD sessions, mobile payments and other telecommunication services from our portfolio.

Daily traffic is counted in tens of millions, so keeping the flow smooth is no easy task. Yet, it goes through the platform in the most finely tuned and secure way.

As we built the platform by ourselves, we know every detail of it. We can respond instantly to any sign of disbalance. A lot was invested in education and training. Our people speak languages; we are available any time day or night. And we always strive to do better

Adrian Benic – Head of Support, Infobip

Dec 12th, 2012
1 min read

Kristijan Barlek