IB Connect 16: Global Gathering For New Telco Innovations

Kristijan Barlek

Dear partners and clients, we’re getting ready to start the Summer Connect conference – our annual company gathering at the place where Infobip’s story began.

The Istrian municipality of Vodnjan, along with its historic Bradamante Palace, will once again be playing host to the working sessions. To support the idea of the constant growth of young and talented Infobippers, a third venue has been added to the mix – the city’s Youth Community which we hope will spark new ideas for the future.

In total, the 6th Summer Connect is expected to gather some 400 people between 25 July and 31 July, a record 170 people for the working sessions plus around 200 for the big summer party and sports competitions taking place on Friday, 29 July.

By August 2018, we aim to interact with every mobile user on Earth. In 2015 and part of 2016, we’ve made giant strides in that direction with our technologies reaching over 6BN mobile devices. However, we do realize that we’re only just starting.

With 6 keynotes on relevant topics including those of Infobip founders, 9 panel discussions and 6 team presentations of success stories, a ton of speed meetings and panel discussions featuring regions with divisions, products and departments we hope the Connect will result in new, innovative products, services and business models your, our partners.

Right now, we’re already excited to show you what we have planned.

Jul 20th, 2016
1 min read

Kristijan Barlek