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Infobip is Enabling Mobile Identity Verification for MobiFone Vietnam

Infobip is Enabling Mobile Identity Verification for MobiFone Vietnam

Bringing Enhanced Security and UX with Mobile Identity for Enterprises

Infobip, Hanoi, Vietnam – 16-12-2019 – Infobip, a global cloud communications company and leader in omnichannel engagement is discussing with the MobiFone corporation to enable Mobile Identity for MobiFone enterprise customers in Vietnam.

Mobile Identity is a powerful and unobtrusive verification method that automatically enables businesses to authenticate the identity of a mobile subscriber or online customer and confirm in a matter of seconds that this person is who they say they are. Mobile Identity uses the mobile phone itself to verify customers’ credentials, enhancing and supplementing existing, widely-used verification tools – passwords, one-time codes and email links.

MobiFone was the first mobile network operator to launch in Vietnam and serves more than 30 million subscribers. The country’s smartphone usage rates have doubled since 2014 and there are now 51 million smartphones representing over 80 percent of the 15+ aged population.

The most common way to confirm user information and prevent fraud is through two-factor authentication, where users need to have something such as a mobile device and know something like a passcode or a one-time PIN that they receive over SMS or email, which they must enter to continue onto the next step. Mobile Identity removes the need for this step and instead automatically corroborates customer data with consented information provided by the mobile operator, immediately confirming user identity through various attributes, without the user needing to perform any actions other than opting into the service.

Truong Minh Hieu
Manager of R&D Department, MobiFone

The task of improving users’ control, privacy and security is absolutely essential in today’s rapidly growing digital world, and mobile authentication is set to play a major role in the same. Enterprises who seek to be part of the digital transformation globally should start with a mobile identity hassle-free login that is secure. This practice is becoming increasingly important to the digital economy. We aim to be at the forefront of it for our customers and look forward to collaborating with Infobip.

“Mobile Identity is all about protecting customers, improving user experience and increasing engagement. We couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with MobiFone, helping their enterprise customers build long-term brand loyalty and consumer trust,’’ said Milja Biondic Country Manager of Infobip in Vietnam.

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