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Infobip Enables WhatsApp Business for Raiffeisenbank Customers

Infobip Enables WhatsApp Business for Raiffeisenbank Customers

Infobip has enabled Raiffeisenbank in Russia to communicate with its customers over WhatsApp

London, United Kingdom- January 30th, 2019 –

‘’Our main goal is to make financial services easy and convenient for our clients in any channel of choice. We believe that WhatsApp becomes a great addition to chat in our mobile app Raiffeisen-Online, which is very popular among our clients”
Maria Magdeeva, Head of Remote Customers Interaction Department at Raiffeisenbank
“We are excited to provide WhatsApp Business for Raiffeisenbank. Today’s banking is all about providing personalized dialogue over the channel the customers prefer. Increased personalization has multiple and valuable business advantages for banks, where Infobip enabling WhatsApp can truly help scaling Raifessenbank’s communications, grow brand loyalty, and fuel engagement in the increasingly competitive consumer banking landscape,”
Silvio Kutic, CEO of Infobip
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Infobip powers enterprises to deliver messages across any channel, any device, at any time and anywhere worldwide. Infobip’s technology creates seamless mobile interactions between businesses and people as well as simplifying the integration of almost all communication capabilities. With over a decade of industry experience, Infobip has expanded to include 60 offices on six continents offering an in-house developed messaging platform with the capacity to reach over six billion mobile devices in 190+ countries connected to over 800 telecom networks. The company serves and partners with leading mobile operators, messaging apps, banks, social networks, tech companies, and aggregators.

Tina Loncaric
Global Public Relations Director