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mGate introduces new features!

mGate introduces new features!

Our enterprise messaging solution mGate has been enhanced with three performance and notification upgrades.

Based on high market demand and the complexity of requests we receive on a daily basis, a great portion of our development resources goes towards enhancing our enterprise messaging solution, mGate. These are some of the things that have been implemented during the past month.

Email alerting

The Manager, our monitoring module, now has an email alerting option. This option includes customisable system notifications along with spam protection in terms of preventing the same email content being sent repeatedly.

Scriptable connector statuses

New health check connector logic has been implemented. Now, as part of the monitoring process, three new statuses have been introduced: “OK” (healthy), “Warning” and “Error”. Based on specific client needs, the thresholds for each status can be configured. This allows an easier overview and improved system maintenance. Additionally, we’ve introduced a new security process which prevents the potential issue of one connector affecting the performance of the entire system.

Internal blacklisting

From this moment on, blacklisting will not only be available on the IP core, but also within mGate. The mGate Manager now features a panel where clients are able to create and edit a blacklist. This blacklist feature can be additionally configured on the provider level.

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