New in Conversations and Answers: Social Media, Conversations Mobile App, Answers Simulator 2.0 and more

Content Marketing Team Lead

Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead

We’ve added new features and channels to Conversations – our cloud contact center solution and advanced improvements to Answers – our chatbot building platform. Read on to learn how these new additions can improve your business operations and results.

[New] Social Media Channels

Marketers have long used social media as a channel for building customer relationships. Adding Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to your contact center can help improve customer service – by connecting agents and customers on a channel that is personal and popular. Let your agents manage all queries on social media from a single interface that’s fast and simple to use.

While easy access is an essential component of a positive customer experience, response time is key to unlocking meaningful connections on social. Now you can set up your chatbot on Facebook, and soon you’ll be able to set one up on Instagram and Twitter, too. Chatbots can help your agents answer questions in the comments section of your Facebook posts – reducing agent’s workload and improving your response time metrics.

What’s new in Conversations

Channel updates

Enrich your omnichannel customer support with Email [Early Access]. Email is one of the first channels customers turn to when they need support – and is an essential channel for every customer service team. Now that it’s a part of Conversations, your agents can manage it simultaneously with other digital chat and voice channels.

In addition, Calls in Conversations have been upgraded with new screen sharing capabilities that will let both agents and customers walk through problems and solutions using visual representation. This will help your agents resolve queries quickly, without the need for in-person visits or contact. We’ve also added a new BYOC (Bring Your Own Carrier) option that enables you to connect an existing voice carrier to Conversations.

Agent productivity upgrades

Our new Knowledge Base [Early Access] helps agents provide fast and precise information to customers by making all information available in a unified agent panel. All Conversations managers can easily set up the knowledge base app, define categories and tags, and write articles, manuals, guides, and scripts for agents to access through the agent panel by simply searching for a keyword or specific tag.

We’ve also released our Conversations Mobile App – available for Android and iOs devices. Now you can let agents work from anywhere by enabling them to manage queries, share multimedia messages, and more from their mobile phones.

Manager experience upgrades

For more flexibility, we‘ve added new roles in Conversations that managers can assign to each user. Now you can assign role titles such as Agents, Conversations Managers, Account Managers, and Analysts accordingly depending on the level of access each user requires.

In addition, the new Logs page allows managers to track, filter, and troubleshoot all major events for each conversation. And with fully customizable Conversations forms, they can collect and analyze more data to get valuable business insights. Forms can be assigned to each conversation, and agents can fill them out while resolving customer queries.

Find out more about new Conversations features and improvements in the official Release Note.

What’s new in Answers

Authenticated Sessions

Our new Authenticated Sessions enables you to select which chatbot dialogs require authentication – and restricts access until the user has confirmed their identity through biometry, PIN, or any other authentication method. This will help you improve chatbot security for cases such as checking bank account balances or changing subscription plans for services.

Simulator 2.0

To make sure everything is running smoothly, you need to test extensively. Our Answers Simulator 2.0 enables you to test your chatbots before deploying them, and gives you a “behind the scenes” view so you can see exactly what’s happening. You can also simulate specific phone numbers or locations which helps you test different flows for different users.

User Roles

Assign specific roles to each Answers user within your team depending on their responsibilities. Choose from Manager, Designer, Supervisor, or Analyst to set up permissions that enable and restrict access accordingly – and as a result, increase security.

Find out more about Answers features and improvements in the official Release Note.

Apr 8th, 2021
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Content Marketing Team Lead

Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead