TEDx: Inspiring innovation and change

Kristijan Barlek

People of exceptional passion, motivation and achievement took the floor at this Saturday’s TEDx event in Pula, Croatia. Shaped around the topic “Istria yesterday, today and tomorrow”, TEDx revealed authentic projects, stories and individuals of great strength, approaching things from a different perspective.

What inspires change in a region or community? How to be a teacher in the digital age, with paradigms of knowledge and communication shifting every 5 years? Why working on a team and communicating efficiently is becoming the foundation of a successful individual?

Talks by innovators, authors, managers, athletes, and artists offered glimpses into the entrepreneurial, forward-thinking spirit that drives positive change.

The TEDx Program aims to help communities, organisations and individuals to spark conversation and connection through local TED-like experiences. A combination of live presentations and TED Talks videos, the Istrian edition was prepared by students, activists Larisa and Roberta Kontosic, Sandi Bozac, Denis Taletovic, Marijana Tadic, and Amel Hadzipasic.

Concept-wise, they said they wanted to reveal historical and present perspectives and business potential of the magical Istrian peninsula, the region where they live and work. Infobip was proud to support the event as a golden sponsor, alongside worthy regional institutions and companies Medea, Salvela, Fusio, Brioni, Pula Film Festival, Pula University Student Council, Luce association, and Valli cinema.

Oct 20th, 2015

Kristijan Barlek