TopUp adds multi-language, PayPal UK support, polishes payment flow

Kristijan Barlek

Our TopUp payment solution has been upgraded with new, helpful options. Today we unveil a new set of features which will make your payment flow even smoother.

By integrating with Transferuj payment gateway for our clients in Poland, we’ve enabled online payments via 40 Polish banks PayPal added as online payment option for the United Kingdom We’ve translated and localised our TopUp app for 8 languages: Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Polish, French, Turkish, Slovak, and Romanian As an addition to the ‘Payment History’ tab inside the app, the app now generates a multitude of other documents as well (different invoice types, refund, credit notes, traffic exchange, test credits, security deposit) Clients are now able to check their invoices regardless of their payment status (paid, partially paid or unpaid), which is an especially important feature for our postpaid clients.

The latest TopUp improvements are proof of our dedication to bring you the best possible payment experience. We believe that payments should always be secure and transparent, but never a hassle. 

Jun 9th, 2014
1 min read

Kristijan Barlek