Two-factor authentication helping OTT providers with conversion

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Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead

LONDON, UK, 23 October 2013 – As the competition intensifies in the over-the-top messaging app space, converting every app download into an app user is becoming crucial for profitability. Infobip’s industry-leading mobile services are now complemented by a two-factor authentication solution that harnesses Infobip’s global telco network for detailed number checks, ensuring app conversion rates.

In the messaging app download and install phase, two-factor authentication is crucial for determining a human user, instead of a potential hacking attack. After entering the mobile number, an SMS is delivered to the user’s smartphone with a unique PIN number necessary to complete the app installation.

However, research shows that in 4%-8% of app installation attempts, if the user inadvertently enters an unused, landline or otherwise invalid number, the installation cannot be completed, and the app maker is losing a potential user, whose experience will not reflect favorably on the brand either.

Into this flow, Infobip adds its Number Context service, checking every cell number and alerting the app provider if the number is invalid. The app provider can then prompt the user to re-enter the number, ensuring that the app installation and conversion are successfully completed. The process takes mere seconds and doesn’t affect user experience in any way. Such a level of service can only be provided by a company with a powerful technological platform and global, carrier-grade capacities.

Silvio Kutic, Infobip founder and CEO says, “For years now, we’ve been technological pioneers in the messaging space, connected directly to the worldwide telecom network through SS7 connections and using proprietary solutions to get the most out of the available technology. We’re currently maintaining more than 300 direct connections (IP and SS7) to the world’s most relevant operators, which makes us probably the largest messaging network worldwide.”

Mr Kutic goes on to say, “We’re in a unique position to match the global need for 2FA PIN delivery to mobile phones through our proprietary network. Many enterprises and all the big names in the OTT space are already using our systems on a massive scale. We are helping them with both the conversion and customer protection, which is a great source of pride in our work in the mobile ecosystem. We are looking forward to helping more businesses protect their customers through our solutions that constantly evolve to match the rapidly changing demands in the mobile industry.”


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Infobip is a global provider of mobile solutions connecting mobile network operators and enterprises through an in-house developed and operated mobile services cloud. Our converged messaging, mobile payments and push notifications services bring a mobile dimension to any business. Offices on six continents and strategic partnerships with major telco groups enable us to provide seamless integration and delivery. Always looking for innovation and new ideas, fostering a customer-first business philosophy and being at home in every part of the world makes us the reliable provider for tens of thousands of clients worldwide.

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Oct 23rd, 2013
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Content Marketing Team Lead

Zoha Tapia

Content Marketing Team Lead