What’s New with WhatsApp? New Product Messages to Boost Sales

Kristijan Barlek

The world’s number one chat app WhatsApp has released a new type of product messaging for businesses to cover the entire customer journey – from conversations to sales.

Available over our WhatsApp Business API, this new type of Product Messages enables customers to view and buy products directly from the chat app.

What are Product Messages by WhatsApp?

There are two types of customer-initiated Product Messages:

  • Single Product Message: Contains a single product to guide the customer towards a specific item, respond to a particular request or provide a recommendation.
  • Multi-Product Message: Displays up to 30 items from your business inventory to showcase the available products, personalize group recommendations or enable the customer to reorder a previous purchase.

How do the new Product Messages give you a business advantage?

​​​​​​​​​​​WhatsApp’s Product Messages make it simple and easy to send and receive orders and offers. They help:

  • Increase Conversion Rate – by making ordering simple and efficient 
  • Personalize inventories – by offering each customer a product view dependent on their preference or behavior
  • No templatization – as they’re free-form conversations enabling you to respond and offer products quicker 

Product Messages can also be combined with other message types, such as non-transactional notifications. This way, your business can lead and support customers through the whole customer journey.

Jan 27th, 2022
1 min read

Kristijan Barlek