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Delight Your Customers with Always-on, Personalized Omnichannel Customer Service

Improve NPS, reduce costs, and increase efficiency with cloud-based, drag-and-drop solutions and APIs that meet your customer and employee needs.


Provide efficient customer service on the most popular channels

Reduce resolution time: Be available on all your customers’ preferred channels with rule-based or AI chatbots. Enable your customer service agents to takeover complex queries — and set automated reminders and notifications to keep your customers informed.


Keep relevant and timely information at-hand

Farewell tab switching, hello all-in-one user-friendly interface! Equip agents and managers with a single place to access conversation history and customer details when they switch between channels; set up automated notifications and reminders; optimize communication with chatbots; and use analytics and reports to make data-driven decisions.


Exceptional customer service doesn’t have to break the bank

Leverage cost-effective digital channels, real-time insights, and automation – including chatbots, IVR, and routing – to save time, money, and resources. Improve operational efficiency while personalizing the customer experience. 


Tailor your customer service

Add specific features — such as conversation threading, queues, and routing management — in addition to communication channels, with a single API. We take care of the infrastructure, so you can focus on building an exceptional, personalized customer experience.


boost in NPS with a cloud contact center and keyword chatbot


decrease in customer service costs with WhatsApp chatbot


decreased average wait time by 96% with omnichannel customer service and automation

Infobip’s Conversations solution helped us grow our business during the global pandemic. Our customers are satisfied with the fast and convenient customer service, and our agents are happy they have a user-friendly and easy-to-onboard solution.

— Claudia Constanza Wilches, IT and Supply Manager, Flamingo

Adding WhatsApp as a customer service channel proved to be a tremendous success – we increased our NPS score by 19% and reduced the costs associated with our contact center by 10-fold. The customers love it – they use it four times more than other instant communication channels.

Senior Vice President, Raiffeisenbank

Infobip was a gamechanger in helping us digitally transform the way we communicate with customers. Conversations and Answers helped us deliver a seamless customer experience over WhatsApp – using a chatbot to solve 69% of common queries and effortlessly transfer complex queries to agents decreased our average wait time by 96% and improved our customer satisfaction.

Abdullah Khan, Customer Service Team Lead, Edenred UAE

Omnichannel customer service simplified

Our programmable cloud communications platform helps customer service leaders and teams create personal connections with their customers